How to Complete Eggs-ceptional Decorating at Disney Dreamlight Valley



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    Not only are there tons of great prizes to be won in the Disney Parks Star Path, but you can also start completing some special Easter and Spring themed tasks in the Village to unlock some exclusive goodies. These tasks, as usual, are not explained in any way; they’re only hinted at by their names, like this Eggs-ceptiontal decorating task. To complete this task, you will need to craft and do a little egg hunt around your valley. That is how!

    How To Complete Easter Village Task Eggs-Outstanding Decoration At Disney Dreamlight Valley

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    As hinted at in the name of the task, you will need to create an egg decoration around your Valley, but in order to do this, you will first need to collect the appropriate materials. He will have to locate the special easter eggs around his village. There are egg-shaped fruits that grow on the bushes, and there are wild spring eggs that hide in the ground.

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    You will need to place four decorations in your village to complete this task, and they must all be egg-themed. So if she looks at the new crafting elements, she’ll want to create any of the Spring elements: About Armchair, Spring Egg Reward, Basket “Don’t put them all in one basket”and the sunny arch up. The Spring Stall will not count towards the quest, so I would avoid doing it until you have completed the task. The good thing about this mission is that you can craft four of the easier items, and they will still count towards the mission, so you can only craft four of the Over Easy armchairs, and it will be faster.

    You will want to collect as many eggs as possible. You can also complete WALL-E’s special daily and weekly quests to get some extra eggs a little faster. I would suggest always bringing a harvest buddy to collect some extra fruits when you can. This is all you will need to create four on armchairs:

    • wild spring egg x20
    • fruit with egg x20

    Once you craft them, you’ll want to open your Furniture menu and place them in your Village so they count towards your quest. It may take you a while to gather all the materials you need, but you will receive the exclusive tulip lamp reward once you do it.

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