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    The regular iPad that is built on a 10,9-inch foot was born in the 10th generation, where Apple has changed the design to suit the two older models, the iPad Pro and the iPad Air, which were both released earlier. The iPad 10.9. Gen 10 doesn’t push a home button and uses a smooth edge uniform design that’s more modern. Some upgrades also make Gen 9 compatible, whether it’s a chipet that has been moved to use the A14 Bionic, the rear camera has increased the resolution to 12MP, the port has changed to USB Type-C with accessories that help. only the Apple Pencil doesn’t support the first generation of new phones.

    AppearanceLook & Design & Design.

    The iPad 10.9 Gen 10 has a new design. curved edges are curved compared to the 248,617,557 millimeters, weight is 77 grams (Wi-Fi) and 481 grams (Wi-Fi + Cellular).

    Display and Retina, IPS, 10.9 x 23601640 pixels, adjustable brightness up to 500nits.

    The camera’s been repositioned. Although the iPad 10.9 Gen 10 was originally located in the’soveread’ screen, it will now push the iPad as a 12MP X-ray lens to the edge of the device.

    The left side of the machine There’s a magnetic panel for the connecting of other accessories.

    On the right side of the device there are two buttons: volume up and volume down. If it’s a cellular model, there’ll be a 5G SIM card tray on the bottom.

    There are two radio speaker channels on the left and right side, and on the right side of the road the power button. and, as well, a fingerprint scanner with TouchID.

    Under the device, there are two more speakers on the left, right and the middle of the USB port.

    The back is beautiful, typical of an Apple iPad with a rear camera in the right corner, resolution 12MP, below is a microphone. Across the back cover, there is a reflective Apple logo on the back. In the middle, the iPad text is on the bottom of the cover.

    Boxed is equipped with all the equipment.

    iPad 10.9 Gen 10 body, USB type-C to type-C cable (braided cable), Type-C adapter, 20W power supply, Apple sticker, user manual, warranty card, and user manual.

    Interesting highlightsSpecial & Features & Features.

    Cut out the home button and give the screen a crisp look. It comes in 4 colours, like gold, blue, pink, and yellow, in a matte finish, albeit an iPad regular.

    The Liquid Retina display screen is fairly simple, but the price isn’t as high as the older model. The iPad’s design and screen size is almost identical to the iPad Air M1, but the screen of the iPad’s 10.9 Gen 10 has been reduced to some specifications. The screen isn’t full of color x 3 and is not coated with anti-reflective substances. But it’s good that it’s a fingerprint resistant coating. The use of True Tone is considered standard in general. Watching content, drawing, taking notes, typing documents, playing games, is considered a great width with its size at 10,9 inches higher than that original iPad 10,10 Gen 9 and its width at only 10.2 inches.

    The powerful chipset with A14 BionicSeriously, general basic use with the A13 Bionic chipset in the iPad 10.9 Gen 9 is assumed to be passed comfortably, and the iPad 10.9 Gen 10 powered by the newer A14 Bionic chipset should not have. What problem can be used, watching content streaming, drawing, taking notes, typing or playing games without problems? We use a lot of editing work because of the heavier use. That may not work so well.

    Gameplay testUsing the A14 Bionic chip, the performance on a 10-inch iPad is impressive. Play games with high fidelity, without having to keep in touch with the graphics and achieve the best quality. A game tested using Apex Legend Mobile can always be called playing easily. With a frame rate of 60fps all the time, no sign of falling the frame rate on Extreme HD graphics.

    The iPad 10.9 Gen 10 is equipped with speakers that make the sound output from the two sides dimensional. It is a good source speaker. There is a bass coming out and the bass can be opened without breaking the noise.

    Still supports TouchID even without a home button.biometrics system and still using TouchID or fingerprint scanning Where the scan is located at the power button on the top right of the device. which is originally located at the home button but is removed, it is going to be on the power button instead. As for the scan, its considered good. To get the device out of the way. However, one must press to wake up the screen before scanning the fingerprint.

    The USB-type port is used.The iPad, which is a new addition to the digital layout, uses the USB-type-C port niftys cypressed – the iPhone, which is considered to help with faster charging. and also supports more accessories. Although the Lightning port is not the only option if there are fewer accessories available.

    It only supports Apple Pencil 1st generation, but the port is USB Type-C. If anyone is going to use Apple Pencil with iPad 10.9 Gen 10 may have to think a bit longer. Because it only supports the Apple Pencil, the first generation, and dont forget Apple Pencil, the first generation, the charging port is USB Lightning, but the iPad 10.9 Gen 10 port is USB Type-C, if anyone is confused. The adder is also confused, which actually seems to be a bit iffy, but Apple has a conversion adapter waiting for the sale. If you have the Apple Pencil, which is priced at 390 baht, then your child will be free to pay this extra money. But everybody who buys new Apple Pencil, model 1, unpacks the box will receive a digital adapter, right?

    The reason is its use weird. You need to turn on the USB Type-C to the 390 baht converter, then take the Apple Pencil on the model 1 to charge. I should say I’m sorry. This should be removed as soon as it is ready for use.

    Magic keyboard Folio Box A print cord should’ve been attached for Magic keyboard Folio keyboard, which is quite a full typing case. It feels a lot like using the Macbook – the keyboard is full of functions (top row) and TouchPad, which makes it easy to use. To set up, being easy. because the backstand can be opened There is no point of view where the weight is found. The other way, when carrying my iPad with, is it heavy?

    The simple cult / anyone if you don’t use a print line / If you want to watch music streaming or listen to more music, there is a cult / smart. The case’s a closed-door type. In the lid, the wooden finish protects the screen. It’s easy to put the iPad 10.9 Gen 10 body in the case. Just get it down and a magnet will get the magnet to catch it. It is also able to use the lid and close the camera to catch the light and wake up.

    the battery and supports 20W fast charging. The battery side is the same as the iPad 10.9 Gen 9 which is in the same condition. From the point of view of Apple’s claims, you can watch videos. Alternatively, if you are using cellular data, you can surf the web for 10 hours in a row. It also supports 20W quick charging, using a battery test of 15 percent. It takes the past two hours. The adapter for 20W by Apple is 100% full, and the plug-in is included.

    Test the use of the camera. The camera may not feature the iPad 10.9 Gen 10, but it has been upgraded to 12MP for better camera clarity. This front camera isn’t a 12MP ultra-wide camera with Center Stage that can use as a video call app.

    Take a sample picture from a rear camera. It’s only a rear camera that can’t be installed. On the basis of an elongation of 12 MP, by an aperture f / 1.8, there’s an autofocus system. Digital zoom to 5:2 and record 4K 60fp resolution. Although the modes of use aren’t very good, with panorama, timelapse and slow motion.

    rear cameraThe rear camera sells on the iPad 10.9 Gen 10. The camera is 12MP, in which you can take large shots well. Because of the rear camera being fitted to the side of the screen, it takes pictures in a horizontal direction, and so is the actual world of photography, very bright.

    Support the support the center stage can work. The mission of the Center Stage is to help the person in the frame become in the middle. But it can only be used for voicemailing such as FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype etc. Video recording from front camera can’t be used in center stage.

    Cats of Pistol 10.9 Gen 10

    240ppi, weight: 477 grams, 18 oz iot dexas oseig. (Five) Display: IPS Display LCD, wide, 13×8 x 8 oz / Display: L, HD display / 12 yrs, 25×8 mm, 4×910 oz (By:) Microphone: s/o / GPS, telephoto: a USB charger / 4×1120

    operating systemiPad 10.9 Gen 10 runs on operating systemiPad 14 – the latest device of the mobile phone. The system is designed to rely on the best user experience. If you use two apps or are working with other devices, perhaps you can use the SharePlay System that will make sharing the photos or games more fun. Other uses One could use an iPad before.

    home screen There is a house screen. When you are looking for a house screen, you have the ability to move to your home screen. The last page is the folder where there are all your apps and services on the back of the house.

    Widgets can be customized to your liking., the wide range of ways to install multiple Widgets on the screen include design of the home screen that is available in sizes around small and large, but with some flexibility of putting multiple Widgets on the screen.

    True Tone The iPad 10.9 Gen 10 display is also compatible with the device if the system is enabled. The screen enables the brightness to adjust the surrounding atmosphere, which helps to use the screen on the eyes more comfortably.

    Multiscreen display You can use two apps simultaneously, the iPad 10.9 Gen 10 works very well. There are a lot of slippery things in the work. Since the screen is split, there are two different types of people to choose from: Split View and Slide Up (Pop-Up Window). In terms of splitting the screen, its easy, just drag your app onto the dock while you launch anything.

    The speed test and the showdown are both manual and accelerated.

    In-game testing with AnTu benchmark v9.1.3, 765,355 points, general performance testing with Geekbench 5, multi-core score of 1589 and 4145 points, graphics performance test results with 3DMark Wild Life Extreme. 2,286 points

    Summary of the iPad 10.9 Gen 10For general use, the iPad 10.9 Gen 10 is considered to be a very useful tablet, particularly since the volume of the machine and the screen is good; there are full accessories. If you wish to use an Apple Pencil, then it might be better if you move to the iPad Air M1 for yourself. Finally, the iPad 10.9, now available in Thailand, has 4 colors available; blue, pink, silver, yellow with an starting price of 17,900 baht, can see more information and additional prices through this link

    64GB of battery (Wi-Fi) price 17,900 baht 256GB of battery (Wi-Fi) price 23,900 baht 256GB of battery (Wi-Fi + Cellular) price 23,900 baht 256GB of battery life (Wi-Fi + Cellular) price 29,900 baht.

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