TSMC has mastered the process in 3 nanometers


    Many smartphone manufacturers have not only emphasized that the chips in their devices have very impressive performance, but also, more often, manufacturers focus on what their chips are produced using new technology.

    Because the longer the technical process is a full, more energy is consumed and the less energy is used, the more autonomy is required.

    Currently TSMC announced its announcement that all the new developments are coming to be announced to help the processor develop a standard three-nanometer circuit. This is an impressive increase, due to the actual battle for nanometer technologies that reach their limit already.

    Accordingly, when the technological process is implemented, users will only receive the same performance when a battery has been harmed. No exact information is provided about the real number and the advantages of this new technology, which the company has just begun to master, so there’s still a year to real products at 3 nanometers.

    The tyre is the best thing, but it’s extremely good to work in this direction, it’s not so important to play that sport a significant role in the next few years is getting to a nanometer. And that is already an important upgrade, particularly because of the lack of mobile phones.


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