Fortnite slaps age ratings on user-created maps.


    We’ve known for a while now that Fortnite is mostly for kids. While anyone can enjoy battle royale favorites, the silliness and cartoonish antics that players can get in the game while dressing up as their celebrity and doing silly dances appeal to the younger crowd.

    It’s a crazy cocktail that makes perfect sense despite all the pills. But, it looks like things are about to change, as Epic Games is making some content age-restricted in its creative practices.

    Fortnite is mandating individual age ratings for content.

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    Epic Games has revealed that it is going to introduce individual age ratings for all content on the Fortnite backend, both created by players and the company itself, as it marks another milestone in this new era of Fortnite. Takes steps.

    The Unreal Editor for Fortnite tools arrived in May 2023, introducing the new Creative 2.0. Epic is describing Fortnite’s current state as transitioning to a “The Multigame Ecosystem“While the game expands on the platform of the famous battle royale along with the game creation.

    As reported. EurogrammerEpic has announced that starting October 16, it will use a system developed by the International Age Rating Coalition to manage in-game content.

    ESRB President Claims Fortnite Is Becoming A ‘Wideer Ecosystem’

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    By implementing the IARC rating system within Fortnite, Epic is furthering its commitment to providing families with the tools to make informed decisions about which experiences are appropriate for their children.Patricia Vance, President of the ESRB and Chairperson of the IARC, reads a statement.

    As Fortnite evolves from its Battle Royale roots into a broader ecosystem that includes a variety of content from Epic and other creators, it’s especially important that parents have a clear understanding of what their children are playing. What do you want to access?

    It’s a pretty wild change to the game (or should we say platform) that will help keep Battle Royale from cranking up to an 18 rating thanks to some creative maps. Although we’ve only seen maps inspired by everything from above! For The Hunger Games, Epic is proving itself against potential problems in the future.


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