How many people play and is Diablo 4 dead? (October 2023)


    Diablo 4 has been labeled a ‘dead game’ due to a huge drop in player count – but is the game really dead, or does it need a little revival with some new content?

    When we reviewed Diablo 4, we gave it a 4.5, and found this the game Overall was very well polished. However, Season 1 arrived and didn’t add as much content as players wanted, and was controversial in the fact that you had to create a new character to access its seasonal content.

    With Season 2 of Diablo 4 now on the horizon and set to bring quality-of-life improvements as well as a new vampire companion, let’s take a look at the current player count and whether or not it’s a ‘dying’ game.

    What is the Diablo 4 player count before Season 2?

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    Blizzard doesn’t directly release its player count data, but according to Active playerDiablo 4 currently has one active player count. 5.2 Million users in last 30 days.

    Overall, this is almost a reduction in the number of players. 1.3 million. This is a significant drop in the number of players currently playing the game and logging in frequently compared to the month of September, which saw a huge increase from the previous month.

    In terms of daily stats, Diablo 4 currently sees an average Just over 264,000 players log in every day..

    It’s worth noting that these figures take into account players on every platform, including PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Diablo 4 will have fewer players on individual platforms, although the game does support cross-play.

    This increase in Diablo 4 players is likely due to the game getting a lot of support from Blizzard. Not only did Season 1 introduce tons of extra features and loot to find, but the game is constantly updated with hotfixes that bring welcome quality-of-life improvements.

    Also, with Season 2: Season of Blood on the horizon, it looks like many players will be trying to level up their characters in advance of when the new content drops in late October.

    Is Diablo 4 a dead game?

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    Based on the numbers, it would appear that We can’t call Diablo 4 a ‘dead game’ just yet. However, it is leading to a very important shortcoming, and this can do It likely will if Season 2 doesn’t bring it back.

    Diablo 4 Season 2 is set to release on October 17, 2023, and will see Gemma Chan playing the new vampire companion, Erys. We don’t yet know how big the Season 2 update will be, but we’ll update our guide when we know more.

    If you’re struggling to switch weapons as a barbarian in Diablo 4, we’ve got you covered. For more guides, visit our Diablo 4 homepage on GGRecon.


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