EA FC 24 cheapest 88 rated players in Ultimate Team


    Now that EA FC 24 is here, it’s time to start looking at some of the better players in the game and which of the 88 rated players in Ultimate Team is the cheapest. During the later stages of the game, these players will be useful for SBCs, but few of them will be truly usable right now.

    There is also a milestone target this year which can only be achieved with an 88-rated squad. On top of that, there will also be some high-end SBCs where a single 88 can really make a difference, so knowing the price is important. in Game.

    For this reason, we’ve outlined below the 88 cheapest EA FC 24 rated cards you can buy in Ultimate Team – with all the latest prices to keep you up to date.

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    EA FC 24 cheapest 88 ranked players

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    Below, we’ve listed the cheapest 88 rated players you can buy in EA FC 24, along with their prices:

    Player Name Price
    Christian Endler 15,500 coins
    Alexandra Pope 16,000 coins
    Irene Parades 16,000 coins
    Joshua Kimmich 16,000 coins
    Wendy Renard 16,000 coins
    Bernardo Silva 16,250 coins
    Mary Katto 16,750 coins
    John Oblock 17,000 coins
    Guru Retain 18,000 coins
    RTTK Leonardo Bonucci 18,000 coins
    RTTK Edin Dzeko 20,500 coins
    Bruno Fernandes 27,500 coins
    Ederson 33,000 coins
    Patricia Guijarro 41,750 coins
    Victor Osman 55,000 coins
    Jerry Litmanian 57,000 coins
    Diego Milito 70,000 coins
    Mario Gomez 91,500 coins

    The cheapest 88 rated players in EA FC 24 are incredibly underrated in my opinion, and double their price once a good SBC drops that people will want to complete.

    I’ve regretted many times over the years not investing in higher tier cards early on, because you can make a lot of coins if you put them into the right players. Don’t make the same mistake as me this year though, and make sure to pick up the cheapest players now.

    How much does an 88 rated squad cost in EA FC 24?

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    During the early stages of the game, you’ll be looking at minimal spending. 170,000 coins On an 88 rated squad, that’s a lot more money than most players. Don’t worry, as more cards are released, the majority of the 88 rated cards will drop in price – something I can’t wait for so I can improve my team.

    That’s all you need to know about the 88 rated squads in EA FC 24. If you want to win more games, why not use the best custom strategy here in EA FC 24? For everyone else, take a look at our EA FC 24 homepage.


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