Roblox The Classic: all the rewards and how to get them


    A game that values ​​your time, Roblox The Classic offers a variety of easy-to-use rewards. If you need help using your Tix or Tokens, this guide will provide you with an easy, step-by-step walkthrough of all the rewards and their easy in-game redemption process.

    All rewards in Roblox The Classic Event

    In the ongoing Classic Event, players can earn the following in-game rewards.

    Exclusive Avatar Items

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    There are four exclusive avatar items to redeem in the classic event.

    • Ancient Deity Shawl – 5 tokens
    • Empyrean reign of genius – 6 tokens
    • Agonizingly Happy Cube – 10 tokens
    • Kleos Erebus – 15 tokens

    Tokens for these items can be obtained by completing the mission in all Roblox experiences participating in the event and the Classic experience. Each experience offers 5 tokens and the Classic itself offers 12 tokens. So start before time runs out.

    Also, if you buy the bright track for 600 Robux, you can get color variants of all existing exclusive avatar items. I suggest you buy Bling Track as the variants look fantastic and are more attractive than the default ones.

    Event Center Elements

    To complete all the above missions in various experiences and in the Classic experience, you need certain core items such as Rocket Launcher or Time Bomb. These items can be redeemed using Tix, a unique collectible item that spawns in all participating Roblox experiences. Each experience has 10 Tix and you can collect almost 150 Tix in all 15 Classic Games.

    • drink coin – 4 tickets
    • Rocket launcher – 6 tickets
    • Super Ball – 12 tickets
    • Time bomb – 20 tickets
    • mom’s dog – 32 entries

    The event center items are located above the avatar-exclusive items menu. Click on the respective items to redeem them for tickets from the screen.

    Daily Packages and Cosmetics

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    The event also introduces two new bundles: Treasure Finder and Timeless Valkyrie, each costing approximately 19,000 Robux. These are expensive items, so buy only one if you like it. I didn’t really like both items because they were a bit monochromatic and I would like a little variety for the huge price.

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    In addition to the bundle, you can find a new daily cosmetic in the game’s UI menu under the server member list section. These are usually hat accessories or clothing items based on the classic Roblox theme that cost 99 Robux. So if you like something, buy it before it’s gone forever, as they rotate every 24 hours.

    When will the Roblox classic event end?

    The Roblox Classic event will take place from may 23 to May 28, 2024. So, start collecting all the Tix and Roblox badges to earn all the extraordinary rewards before the event ends.

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