Fans Question Blue Protocol’s Free to Play Model: Is It Pay to Win?



    Blue Protocol is a massively multiplayer online action role-playing game. As with most games in this genre, this title is also free to play. But we had more than enough examples of “free” games that are impossible to play without paying. Fans have questioned Protocol’s free-to-play model and wonder if it pays to win. Is there any cause for concern?

    The main reason to fear P2W is the introduction of Tickets. You will use them to get additional loot from raids. At the same time, you will get three free Tickets every day. That being said, you can only have ten of them, whether you paid for them or got them for free. Some sources claim that you will be able to buy up to five tickets a day.

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    This may sound advantageous, but it can be created to make the grinding process easier for players who don’t have as much time. Ultimately, the most important thing is that players don’t feel punished for playing “free.” Related to that, Blue Protocol has some gacha elements, but they are mostly associated with cosmetics.

    Officially, the developers insist that Blue Protocol is not pay-to-win, as the only paid features will be the cash shop cosmetics. But there will be a season pass mechanic that will allow you to receive additional rewards. Unfortunately, there are no further details on those rewards. As the Blue Protocol release date is the second half of 2023the developers still have plenty of time to work out all the details of the game.

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