All new Ant Queen options in Grounded Fully Yoked 1.4


    In Grounded’s Fully Yoked 1.4 update, the developers added something called Ant Queens. These are not bosses, but rather an option offered to players who have ventured into the depths of anthills around the map.

    How to interact with the Ant Queens in Grounded Full Yoked

    There are now three queen ants, one in each of the colonies. You have a choice for each of the Queens: you can befriend them or betray them. There is also a secret third option: infect them. The red ant queen, the fire ant queen, and the black ant queen have unique and hidden recipes for becoming infected. All three Ant Queens are available in the base game, so you don’t need to start a New Game Plus to be able to interact with them. However, some of its options are not available until New Game Plus.

    The Red Ant Queen’s options in Grounded

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    This is the easiest to interact with among the Ant Queens. It is located deep in Red Ant Hill, which is located in the lower courtyard. She can be befriended, killed, or infected, and each choice has its own consequences.

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    Making friends with the queen of red ants

    The red queen ant can be become friends giving him a Juicy Mushroom Sandwichwhich is unlocked with the Haze BURG.L Chip. If you feed him this delicacy made with 2 apple pieces, 5 mushroom pieces and 2 aphid honeydew, he will give you a selection of rewards in return. You will get a baby red ant pet and its card, and all the red ants on the map will become neutral to you.

    Another advantage is that you get Ant Friend offers from Red ant queen pheromones, and you get an Antbassador mutation level. These can be investigated to obtain plans for the Ant Queen’s Scepterhe Red Ant Queen Chaiseand the Red Ant Queen Chandelier.

    Kill the red queen ant

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    You also can poison the Queen of the Red Ant with the Poison mushroom sandwich. It is made in the oven with 2 pieces of apple, 5 pieces of mushrooms and 2 spider poison, and the recipe can be found in the haze laboratory. This will kill the Queen, allowing you to harvest her body for parts for the Red Ant Queen Armor. This will also make all the red ants on the map more aggressive towards you.

    Killing the Red Ant Queen gives you an additional reward; You will have access to the cave behind her body, which contains a canister full of Brittle quartzite fragments; In New Game Plus, this will also be filled with treasure chests. You can also unlock the recipes for the Red Ant Queen mount and the Red Ant Queen stuffed with her body.

    Infecting the red queen ant

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    The third option is to infect the red queen ant. To do this, you need to grab the Infected Mushroom Sandwich Recipe, found inside the exposed pipe that takes you to the Haze Laboratory. It is made in the oven with 2 pieces of apple, 5 pieces of mushrooms and 20 mushroom growths. This will immediately kill the Queen, giving you the same rewards as killing her with the poisonous mushroom sandwich from earlier.

    This will create a “ripple in an alternate dimension” that will give you the Infected Ant Queen in your New Game Plus. This will also infect several of the red ants on your New Game Plus map, so you will have infected ants and infected soldier ants. If you Feed the infected red queen ant with Mold Hoagiesyou will unlock recipes for the Sausage Link, Killbasa and Glowbasa. You can also unlock better recipes for the Bratburst, Splatburst and Healbasa. The infected red queen ant is the only infected queen that can be fed multiple times; the other queens only give a recipe for the Moldy Hoagie.

    The Black Ant Queen’s options in Grounded

    The second Ant Queen added to Grounded in update 1.4 is the Black Ant Queen. You have the same options for her and you will get different rewards depending on which of the three you choose.

    Making friends with the queen of the black ants

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    To befriend Black Ant Queen, you’ll need to unlock her favorite food: a Yummy Gum Sandwich; The recipe is located right inside the Sandbox Lab Outpost. It is made in an oven using 2x Cookie Sandwich Bits, 5x Gum Nugget and 5x Aphid Honeydew. This is unlocked by collecting the Sandbox. Chip BURG.L. Feeding her this will make all black ants neutral instead of enemies, and will grant you access to friendly ant offerings, just like with the red ant queen. This will give you the phase Antbassadorand you will get a pet ant.

    Kill the black queen ant

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    If you choose to poison the Black Ant Queen, you’ll have to deal with the increased aggression of the black ants, but you’ll get some sweet loot in return. You will have to feed him Poisoned gum sandwich, made with 2 pieces of cookie sandwich, 5 gum nuggets and 5 brood mother poison in the oven. If you kill her, you will have access to the cave behind her body that contains a bunch of Resistant quartzite fragmentsand you will unlock the ability to do the Black Strategist Armor, Black Ant Queen Mount, and Black Ant Queen Plush. The poisoned sandwich recipe is found in the main room where you can unlock Sector A in Black Ant Lab.

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    Infecting the black queen ant

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    The Infected Rubber Sandwich recipe is found in Black Ant Lab, above the Assistant Manager Arena, but only in New Game Plus. She will die immediately and, on your next New Game Plus, she will become infected. Giving the infected black ant queen a Moldy Hoagie will grant you the Glowbasa Bracelet recipe.

    The Fire Ant Queen’s Options in Grounded

    Last but not least, we have the queen of the fire ants. It’s pretty easy to find compared to the other two; If you enter the Fire Anthill near Yogi Head, you only need to walk directly east inside the nest to find her. Like the other queens, you can give her treats.

    Making friends with the queen of fire ants

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    To befriend this giant ant, you will need to unlock the Tasty Toejam Sandwich recipe, found on the page Stump BURG.L Chip. It is made with 2x Donut Chunk, 2x Toenail and 5x Aphid Honeydew in the oven. Like the other Ant Queens, this one will give you an Ant Pet, level up your Antbassador mutation, make most black ants less aggressive, and give you the Queen pheromones of the fire ant to obtain the Fire Ant Offerings, the Fire Queen’s Scepter Recipe, the Fire Ant Queen’s Chair Recipe, and the Fire Ant Queen’s Candlestick Recipe.

    Kill the queen of fire ants

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    To kill the fire ant queen, you will have to feed her the poisoned Toejam sandwich, made in the oven with 2 pieces of donut, 2 toenails and 5 super spider poisons. This recipe is found inside the Fire Anthill, near the Jungle Anthill/Yoked Girths entrance; Enter and turn right at the intersection. On the other side of Dead Roots, there is a recipe on the pillar. Give this to the Queen and you can loot her body, giving you access to her. Stuffed version, the plate on his head.and the cave behind her was filled with Supreme Quartzite Fragments.

    Infecting the fire queen ant

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    And last but not least, you can infect the Fire Queen with an infected Toejam sandwich. This can only be found if she created a New Game Plus, she beat it, and then started New Game Plus 2. It will be just inside the entrance to Fire Anthill, near the lawnmower; just enter and head south until you reach where the white star is in the screenshot above. This recipe is made with 2 donut pieces, 2 toenails, and 50 mushroom growths, and is made in the oven. Give it to the Ant Queen, and in your next New Game Plus, which will be New Game Plus 3, you can have an infected Ant Queen. If you then give him the Moldy Hoagie you will get a special recipe: Glowbasa Necklace.

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