How to get Flash Step in Fruit Battlegrounds


    Fruit Battlegrounds will allow you to fight against many different players, and Flash Step (Soru) will help you a lot in combat and move faster. If you are looking to get Flash Step, this guide has all the steps and requirements to get it in Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds.

    Steps to get Flash Step (Soru) in Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds

    Before you can obtain Flash Step, you must meet two requirements: Be level 100 or higher and have 10 or more titles. You can play and grind your way to level 100, and while doing so, you should have enough resources to get 10 titles. After that, you must find Marco Boss and defeat him three times.

    Where to find Marco in Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds

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    Marco is located atop the main hill in Dressrosa Forest.. Sometimes you can spawn in the woods where you’ll see the hill ahead, but if not you can head out of town from the area that looks like the coliseum and easily find that hill and when you do, go up. there, where you will find Marco Boss.

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    After finding and defeating Marco once, he reappear after an hour and you have to defeat him twice again to move on to the next step, which is to find a secret NPC inside the hill.

    How to find the secret NPC in Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds

    The secret NPC is located within the same hill as Marco., but first you must find and open the entrance, which is located at the back of the hill. Go down from where Marco is and take the side between the Colosseum-like area and the sand hills. Here, you will see some stoneswhat can you break with your attacks to enter the cave and talk to the secret NPC, who will tell you to find the Book.

    How to get the book in Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds

    The Book is located on the edge of the beach near the Red Bridge in Dressrosa Village.. When you are in the town, approach the bridge, go to the right side and go down to the small stones, where you will find the book hidden on the side. Once you pick up the book, you will get a new title and unlock Flash Step (Soru) in Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds.

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