How to fix poor PC performance in Lords of the Fallen


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    Lords of the Fallen drew me in with its beautifully detailed dark and twisted world, enemy design, and challenging combat. After purchasing and launching the game, I noticed a stuttering issue, low frame rates, and overall poor performance on PC. Determined to play, I tried the following methods to improve the performance of Lords of the Fallen on PC.

    How to improve PC performance for Lords of the Fallen

    Developer Hexworks announced that Xbox players may be experiencing issues, but PC players also encountered poor performance in Lords of the Fallen. With game releases, it’s hard to know how they will perform, but fans are suffering in Lords of the Fallen. Here are some possible solutions to reduce poor PC performance in Lords of the Fallen.

    • Update your graphics drivers (NVIDIA, Intel or AMD)
    • Reduce your graphics settings (shadows, anti-aliasing, reflection and global illumination in particular)
    • Close all other applications, programs and background software.

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    My first recommendation is to check if your game drivers need an update. Lords of the Fallen is a demanding game; An update can improve performance on the PC. If there are no updates available and your drivers are up to date, you can try modifying the game settings to improve performance.

    I recommend setting Shadows, Antialiasing, Reflection, and Global Lighting to medium or low. Lords of the Fallen will use ray tracing if Reflection and Global Illumination are set to high, which can greatly reduce FPS, cause stuttering, and more.

    If you don’t see improvements after making the changes above, you may not have a computer capable of running Lords of the Fallen. Check the minimum game requirements with your PC specifications; Ideally, you want to stick to the recommended settings, but a minimum will usually get you playing. If all else fails, you may have to wait for a patch or update from the developer.

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