‘Even if we’re a little slow right now, we’ll win it all’


    The Florida Mayhem have been on a roll in the Overwatch League playoffs, posting back-to-back sweeps across the state of Texas, 3-1 against the Houston Outlaws and 3-0 against the Dallas Fuel.

    An aura of confidence, perhaps even enthusiasm surrounds the team. Believing that they are the best team in the event, Catastrophe are assured of a top 4 finish.

    After the match against Fuel, DPS player Choi “MER1T“Tae Min and Support Sung”CH0R0NGYoo Min shared his thoughts on his recent performances. Future champions or overconfident opponents setting themselves up for a bad beat?

    Rollstar at the airport

    Until Day 2 of competition at the Overwatch League Grand Finals in Toronto, Eight out of twelve rollstars has been excluded from the season, which may call into question the credibility of these accolades.

    Ch0r0ng shared, “I personally think it’s a bit of a shame that APAC gets two cemented rolestars per character. NA has more players and stronger talent.

    Mer1t expressed regrets about his season, taking a moment to reflect, saying:I keep realizing that if I had played a little better, would that Rollstar pick have been mine?

    Anxious or justifiably confident?

    Destruction have shown a deep pool of compositions and tactics, befitting their flexibility across positions. With the meta flowing into the playoffs, their ability to improve and adapt has become their greatest strength.

    Reflecting on the team’s strategy, Ch0r0ng revealed, “We work a lot with our coaching staff, but we also use each other’s strengths and mold and coordinate them into strong cohesive gameplay.

    Addressing his diverse compositions and how he prepares for them, Ch0r0ng trolled for this answer, sharing: “We did a lot of visual training and foresight in our practice so we did everything. Didn’t spend much time on composition.” Mer1t revealed that he puts a balanced amount of time into each of his different strategies.

    During the two post-match conferences, the Destruction players were surrounded by an aura of confidence and maybe a little more.

    We all really believe in each other and we also believe that our whole team is better than any other team out there right now. Even if we’re a little nervous right now, we’ll win it all.” ch0r0ng said smiling at his answer.

    Mer1t, speaking personally, admits, “I don’t know about the team, but personally, I’m trying my best not to be overconfident, but just believing in my ability. . I don’t think I’m in too much trouble going off the deep end.”

    Destruction has been locked up for the top 4 and will face the winner of the Battle of Texas who will take revenge on the confident favourite.


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