Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree will focus on the untold Lands Between story about Mohg and Messmer


    With a new trailer, FromSoftware has teased a lot of the story fans can expect from Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. Players will explore the Land of Shadows and cross paths with Messmer the Impaler, a character newly introduced to the game’s narrative.

    Based on the story of Miquella, the daughter of Queen Marika, the new expansion will introduce new characters and a story that Elden Ring has not explored before.

    Although Miquella’s journey appears not to be in the trailer, her story will be explored through other characters. George RR Martin wrote the story for Lands Betweens along with Hidetaka Miyazaki (president of FromSoftware) long before Shadow of the Ertree was conceptualized.

    Despite this, Miquella’s story had never before been told in detail. Shadow of the Erdtree will likely do this by reintroducing familiar faces like Mohg, although the latest trailer may not reveal much about the character.

    We could immerse ourselves in the story of Mohg, Lord of Blood

    User ChiefLeef22 on Reddit points out precisely how one of the most important parts of the game will connect to Mohg, Lord of Blood. He is also the boss that players must defeat to play Shadow of the Erdtree.

    In Elden Ring, Mogh guards the body (cocoon) of Miquella, who is a descendant of Queen Marika. While the first game does not explore Miquella’s story, it is learned through the characters’ weapons and dialogue that she is cursed with a disease that does not allow her to age naturally. In the expansion, players will likely investigate Mohg’s younger days or a version of him that players didn’t know about before.

    The Shadow of the Erdtree trailer once again shows off the kingdom of Mohg (or at least what it was like in the past). It reflects how the struggle between order and chaos led to the fall of the Between Lands, especially when we glimpse Messmer the Impaler staring at a burning city.

    Since FromSoftware hasn’t provided players with the exact timeline or events surrounding this realm (yet), we’ll have to wait until players explore the Land of Shadows in the expansion to understand it better.

    Messmer the Impaler will be a major part of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

    Image via Bandai Namco

    It looks like Messmer the Impaler (as also shown in the first trailer) will be an imposing and terrifying boss. He is here to imitate characters like Malenia, Blade of Miquella. In the trailer above, viewers got a glimpse of his moveset and weapons. In the latest trailer for the story, we are shown that he commands a powerful force, which nearly sets fire to and corrupts everything he touches.

    Surprisingly, there is still no mention of Miquella. However, there’s a chance this tidbit will hold up until players dive into the expansion next month. Given the nature of FromSoftware’s games, it’s also likely that players will discover more about this as they explore the Land of Shadows.

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