Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 4 Initial Patch Notes


    Modern Warfare 3 Season 4 is coming on May 29, and you know what that means! Another graphic with text that is too small to easily make out. But don’t worry, we’ll break down all the important additions and changes for you here.

    Warzone-specific additions and changes

    Image via Activision

    Repurchase Returning Solos

    Buy Back Solos is a comeback mode from the original Warzone from 2019. As long as you have enough cash in your inventory, you will be able to return after death.

    The Specialist Benefits Package

    A new and very rare legendary perk pack, which activates the effects of 29 other benefits, but only during the match in which you picked it up. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more details on how obtaining this pack will work in-game, but it’s safe to assume that the new Loot Hot Zones and Bunkers would be a likely candidate.

    Prediction death streak

    The Foresight killstreak is a returning classic from Warzone 2019, which will allow you to see where all the safe zones will be on your map in advance, a very important advantage for the end of the game. It’s unclear how we’ll get this killstreak in-game, but shops scattered around the map will likely sell them at a high price, and probably in limited quantities as well.

    Unlimited Tac Sprint Boots

    Obtained from any of the new bunker locations (discussed below), these boots will provide a flat movement speed boost and allow for infinite tactical runs.

    Gulag variants

    Four new Gulag map rotations will be added, all at launch.

    Bunker upgrade

    The bunkers around Urzikstan are opening up with some expanded interiors, which can be accessed using key cards. They will also feature secondary outputs for teams that want a backup game plan and will contain information about something mysteriously written “REDACTED.” These bunkers will also contain the aforementioned Tac Sprint boots and ‘CENSORED Weapons’.

    Drafted weapons

    As the season arrives, these weapons that can be obtained by looting bunkers or hot zones will be special versions of normal weapons that can include up to 10 attachments, instead of the typical five.

    Point of interest update

    The POI update will progress throughout the season, starting with Popov Power and the new ‘DNA Bomb’ event (discussed below). Numerous points of interest will also rotate as ‘Loot Hot Zones’, areas that will reward the first teams there with higher level loot and have the potential to contain the new censored weapons.

    Runaway Train Public Event

    The Runaway Train Public Event launching during the season is an event that modifies the typical ending of a Warzone match. Teams will have to run towards the train and hold on with all their might, as the safe zone only moves with it. The train can’t be controlled, but at least it will slow down enough for you to try to get on.

    Classified Updates

    World Series Qualifiers will begin during the season, along with new ranked play rewards including a large weapon decal, new weapon charm, emblem, and calling cards.

    Modern Warfare 3 Specific Additions and Changes

    Four new maps

    The ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Paris’ maps will be added at launch, and during the season we will see the addition of ‘Incline’ and ‘Das Gross’, all for 6v6 modes.

    Two new modes and modifiers

    We will see the return of the ‘Demolition’ game mode, along with a new variant of the ‘Cranked’ game mode, both at launch. We’ll also see four new playlist modifiers in total, with “Caché” at launch and “Mutation,” “Headshots Only,” and “Havoc” coming in the season. Details on ‘Cache’ and ‘Mutation’ are scarce, but we do know that one of them will be a killstreak modifier for certain playlists.

    ‘Headshots Only’ is self-explanatory, while ‘Havoc’ is said to be a spin on Arena Shooter, with a host of effects that activate once a given team’s score reaches a multiple of 12. These include but are not limited to low gravity, a camera switch to third person, and receiving a random weapon on kill.

    Two new advantages

    We’ll be receiving the new ‘Mission Control Vest’ and ‘Compression Plate’ perks at launch, with the Mission Control Vest granting a similar effect to the ‘Hardline’ perk from older titles. The number of kills required to gain a killstreak is reduced by one, or if you choose to use scoring instead, it is reduced by 125.

    The Compression Plate will trigger health regeneration immediately after killing with your primary weapon, secondary weapon, or a throwing/star knife.

    Four new death streaks

    We’ll get the ‘Loitering Munition’ kill streak, along with ‘IMS’, the ‘Missile Drone’ and the terrifying ‘DNA Bomb’.

    Loitering Munitions is a new rocket-equipped drone that will… loiter between selected areas. It will then select which of the selected areas has the most targets and control the fire accordingly.

    The IMS is a type of smart mine that, when placed and activated, will propel an explosive that will track targets such as players or vehicles.

    The Missile Drone is a new direct control drone that will fire homing missiles at targets.

    The DNA bomb is another important milestone in the kill streak (the exact number of kills required is still unknown), but unlike the MGB, this No Finish the match and simply eliminate the entire enemy team.

    Classified Updates

    Ranked updates include a new weapon camo, charm, and weapon decal, along with a full season update.

    A big disappointment for MWZ

    Unfortunately, there’s only one update listed for MWZ this season, and it’s not even very interesting. ‘Unstable Rift’ activities will be added mid-season. These are single-use rifts that will teleport you to a pre-existing rift area, but will now effectively act as a sort of “horde mode.” You will have to face a large number of zombies and strong monsters, and if you successfully defeat them all, the only reward is clearing all the cooldowns on your blueprints. Useful, yes, but not exactly rich in content.

    General updates and additions


    As with every season, we’ll see the addition of four weapons in total in Season 4, with the return of the beloved Kar98k (which discussed just a few days ago), sporting a legally safe new name (‘Marksman Rifle’) and an unconvincing ‘tacticool’ black polymer body.

    It will be joined by the ‘Superi 46’, a new weapon in the SMG class, which deals high damage up close thanks to its larger caliber, while providing good stability at medium ranges.

    Both weapons will be available in the Battle Pass at launch, while the ‘Reclaimer 18’, a version of the SPAS-12 from previous titles, will arrive mid-season and will require completing a challenge to unlock, along with the weapon. melee Sledgehammer.

    There will also be a total of eight new aftermarket parts throughout the season, with one per week that can be obtained by completing weekly challenges. The first will be the ‘JAK Harbinger’ replacement part for the M4 assault rifle, which is a terrifying conversion of the .50 caliber, with a much lower rate of fire, much higher recoil, and greatly reduced bullet velocity.


    There will be three operators available in the season pass: ‘Soap’, ‘Void’ and ‘Hammer’. This will be in addition to two operators available to people who purchase the Blackcell pass, which comes with ‘Copy’ and ‘Dupe’.


    The first available event will begin with the season and will be ‘Critical Countdown’. As with all events, you will be able to progress when playing MWIII, Warzone or MWZ. You will collect DNA samples from fallen opponents to discover the truth behind the new DNA bomb. The rewards for this event have not yet been revealed. This event will take place from May 29 to June 26.

    Next up will be another store-related event, with the introduction of the ‘Gundam’ event. Details on the progression of this event are unclear, but like previous store-related events, this one can be upgraded by purchasing and using one of the relevant store packs. Rewards include a weapon blueprint for the Bruen Mk9 and a large decal. This event will take place from June 5 to 19.

    There will be two more events in the season, although details on both are not available at this time. The only information we have is that it will run from June 19 to June 26.

    new vehicle

    The ‘RZR Pro R’ will hit all modes with vehicle access, like another off-road buggy, albeit with a tighter turning radius, improved fuel economy, but only three seats in total.

    And that’s all the major additions and changes coming with this season of Modern Warfare 3! Of course, things are subject to change, but we’ll keep you posted if that happens.

    If you’re looking for more Call of Duty content and are a little behind on our current season of challenges, check out our guide at how to unlock Jak Wardens and check back with ProGameGuides as we provide updates throughout the upcoming season.

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