EA FC 24 criticizes ‘ridiculous’ and ‘dirty’ Ultimate Team pay to win pack


    FIFA always bordered on ‘gambling’ with its Ultimate Team game mode, where packs were often considered taboo from the outside world.

    The randomness of paid packs has often been criticized by external bodies and FIFA fans themselves, who often see hard-earned money wasted with the meager rewards from paid bundles.

    EA FC 24 had the chance to use a rebrand to change that, but still, the pack remains, and less than a week after its full launch, fans are already “ridiculous” pay. Criticizing the winning elements.

    EA FC 24 was widely described as ‘ridiculous’ for its pay-to-one loot boxes

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    The problem with packs is that nothing is guaranteed – your money is being gambled away on a probabilistic basis, and even then, the rating system doesn’t reflect the financial value of the cards you save. .

    And just a few days after the release of Ultimate Team, EA has put an awesome 80+x45 pack (45 players rated 80 and above) in store for 3,000 FIFA Points ($30), and fans have raising an issue with

    “This is ridiculous. It’s the third day of full release and we have 80+x45,” said one fan on Reddit.

    Another added: “It’s £30, there’s no way people are going to spend that much on a game that’s already overpriced.

    EA FC 24 streamers claim they’ve been ‘swindled’ with massive pay-to-win packs.

    It’s clear to see that this incredibly expensive pack is offering pay-to-win modes in EA FC 24, in which case most players will have to grind through the levels to get the high-ranked cards that are guaranteed. Improve your team.

    Also content creator AuzioMF claimed That they are “dirty” by the pack, because you only have a 5% chance of landing a 90-rank player and a 10% chance of getting a special card (Road to the Knockouts).

    Others, in the opposite direction of gambling’s lucky coin flip, have plucked players like Mbappe from the pack, only to encourage more players to try their hand in the hope of replicating that fortune.

    Many countries have already started passing laws against these types of loot boxes, and maybe it’s finally time for EA to ditch the pack and figure out a better way to include microtransactions. go


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