Minecraft Armadillo joins the Mob Vote with Wolf Armor


    Screenshot via Minecraft YouTube

    As we get closer to Minecraft Live 2023, more details are being revealed, including my favorite event, Mob Vote. We have already seen one of the three main dishes and Mobs players must choose between them: the Crab. But the second Mob was revealed and fans got their first look at the adorable Armadillo.

    Minecraft Armadillo revealed for Minecraft 2023 Mob Vote

    The second Mob for Minecraft Live 2023 Mob Vote was revealed to be the Armadillo via the Minecraft Youtube channel. It showed this creature and said: “The Armadillo lives in the savanna biome. If you scare the Armadillo, it will curl up into a ball of blocks! The Armadillo also drops a shield that you can use to create a new type of armor, the wolf. armor!” and will help keep his canine companion safe.

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    Wolves provide defense against hostile mobs once you tame them, but often die when you face swarms of enemies or stronger enemies. With the Armadillo’s Scute armor, you can protect your wolves from harm and keep them alive longer. How players can scare the mob remains to be seen, but I imagine there will be many ways.

    The Armadillo is the second of three Mobs participating in the Mob Vote, meaning there is only more left to reveal. Minecraft Live will take place on October 15, 2023 at 5 pm UTC and Mob Vote will be active for 48 hours before the event, but will close 15 minutes before the show. You’ll need to cast your vote from October 13, 2023 until now if you want to give your favorite Mob a chance to win!

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