How to visit Landmarks in different matches in Fortnite


    I love seeing new locations pop up with the seasons, like new properties like Eclipsed Estates, but there are even more intriguing places to discover beyond the big-name locations. There are many unlabeled places around the map to explore, some you didn’t even know existed until now. These are landmarks, and you may even know where some are located. Check out our list of all the waypoints you can visit to go on a mission or just to get away from those high-traffic landing sites.

    What are landmarks in Fortnite?

    Landmarks can be a little trickier to locate on the map, as they don’t appear like big points of interest. However, there are actually more iconic locations than named locations; They just need a little exploring to find it. The reference points are practically any location that does not have a name on your normal map. There are some exceptions to this, as there may be random buildings or props spread across the map, but locations you find that reveal a name on your screen are considered landmarks.

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    All iconic locations in Fortnite

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    Landmarks are scattered throughout the map; They are just not labeled. You’ll know you’ve found one when the location title appears on your screen. You can stop by any of the places shown on the map above to visit them. If you are trying to complete the quest, “visit landmarks in different matches”, you will need to play some games and visit different locations to get the credit. Here is a list of all the points of interest that you can visit this season:

    Fall Biome Landmarks

    • Coastal battlement: northeast of Breakwater Bay
    • Woody neighborhood: east of Breakwater Bay
    • King’s Throw: west of Eclipsed Estate
    • fuel fuel: northeast of Finca Eclipsada
    • Eastern Watch: east of Eclipsed Estate
    • Western clock: southwest of Finca Eclipada
    • royal ruin: southwest of Finca Eclipada
    • Forest Forge: north of Shattered Slabs
    • Coastal Sentinel: west of Shattered Slabs
    • rocky springs: southwest of Shattered Slabs

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    Jungle Biome Landmarks

    • May Day landing: southwest of Shady Stilts
    • Northern Ruin: northeast of Shady Stilts
    • hidden ruin: northwest of Creeky Compound
    • Kapok Cove: north of Creeky Compound
    • Fainting Lagoon: west of Creeky Compound
    • The device: East of Rumble Ruins
    • Southern Ruin: southeast of Rumble Ruins

    Winter Biome Landmarks

    • Berg Barge: north of Shady Stilts
    • Beep and bounce: northeast of Shady Stilts
    • cold cavern: northwest of Brutal Bastion
    • raw port: northwest of Brutal Bastion
    • The stone tower: northwest of Brutual Hold
    • frozen fir trees: northwest of Brutual Hold
    • frozen islets: southwest of Brutual Hold
    • Crackshot’s Cabin: southwest of Brutual Hold
    • lonely sanctuary: northeast of Brutal Bastion
    • The Hall of Whispers: south of Brutal Bastion
    • Tycoon House: south of Brutal Bastion
    • gusty throat: south of Brutal Bastion
    • frozen falls: south of Brutal Bastion
    • Fridge: southwest of Brutal Bastion
    • Stormspire: east of Sanguine Suites
    • Temple of the Aegis: east of Sanguine Suites
    • crispy boxes: southeast of Sanguine Suites

    Summer Biome Milestones

    • Cabin on the coast: northwest of Implacable Retreat
    • Noisy Acres: southwest of Campos Frenesí
    • The escape: Frenzied Fields
    • Hooks and ditches: northeast of Frenzy Fields
    • slapped and gone: southwest of Slappy Shores
    • Isolated needle: southwest of Slappy Shores
    • little stranded: southeast of Slappy Shores

    Spring Biome Milestones

    • Rest retreat: north of Knotty Nests
    • Twilight Torch: north of Knotty Nests
    • cedar circle: northwest of Knotty Nests
    • Fireglow Shrine: northeast of MEGA City
    • Mesa’s reach: northeast of MEGA City
    • drift crest: north of MEGA City
    • bamboo circle: northwest of MEGA City
    • Wild Wind Shrine: northwest of MEGA City
    • Windrush Gorge: northwest of MEGA City
    • Cheat Hunter’s Leap: west of MEGA City
    • placid pond: northwest of MEGA City
    • Wood Cutting Camp: west of MEGA City
    • Whispering waters: northwest of Steamy Springs
    • sand circle: southwest of Steamy Springs
    • Lotus Viewpoint: south of Steamy Springs
    • Luminous flashlight: southeast of Steamy Springs
    • Neon Bay Bridge: southeast of Steamy Springs
    • cold water sanctuary: east of Steamy Springs
    • burning lighthouse: southwest of the Kenjutsu junction
    • sakura circle: southwest of the Kenjutsu junction
    • Baywatch Barge: northwest of the Kenjutsu junction
    • Fallow fuel: northeast of the Kenjutsu junction
    • Marine monoliths: southwest of Knotty Nests
    • Rest of the moment: southwest of Knotty Nests
    • Windcatcher Lake: east of MEGA City

    Hopefully this will help you find these special sights on your mini sightseeing tour. Whether you’re trying to visit waypoints for a mission or just want to land somewhere different, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the map. Happy travels!

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