Dota 2 ranks fourth in the esports industry by volume in 2022 in terms of maximum viewing on the streams



    Dota 2 is ranked among the top four esports disciplines ranked in the 2022 average public watch. The statistics are provided by the Esports Charts service.

    According to this report, in 2022, Dota 2 streams were simultaneously watched by 1 751 086 people at the peak. This is only 3 times higher than the maximum of all broadcasts. With 50 million visitors, Valorant is behind Dota 2.

    Top 5 esports games in 2022 were watched by a stream in 2022.

    League of legends 5 147 701 ; Android legend: Bang Bang 2 845 364. Counter-fire: Global Offensive 2 113 610; Dota 2 1 751 086 (International 2022). I’ll make a buck for a 505 804.

    Esports Charts also tweeted that League of Legends ranks first in terms of hours watched on streams. In total, they were watched by 615 million hours.



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