Ghost of a Tale 2 is being developed on unreal Engine 5, but developers confirmed that the idea is to build the fictional version


    After 2021, the authors of Ghost of a Tale promised the fans of the SeithCG studio that in 2022 the players will receive details about the Ghost of a Tale 2 project. This year the developers reported many details about the game, but it doesn’t even have a release window, but after the final year, the authors decided to share some interesting information.

    The character Ghost of a Tale 2 is an unreal engine that was confirmed by the developers. A large number of details on the project haven’t yet been reported. Even though the engine was announced, the authors of the project showed a screenshot that can be seen below.

    Take a look at the first part of Ghost of a Tale released in 2019 on Xbox One and the other platforms. This game tells the story of a strange game.


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