Do you need to play Spiderman 1 before Spiderman 2?


    Insomniac hit it out of the park with Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and both became some of my favorite titles on PlayStation. Spider-Man 2 looks to be an incredible continuation and continuation of Peter and Miles’ story. Those who have played the first two Spider-Man games are primed for Spider-Man 2, but those who haven’t may be wondering if they should play Spider-Man before playing Spider-Man 2.

    Can you play Spiderman 2 without playing Spiderman?

    The answer is yes; you can play Spider-Man 2 without playing the original Spider-Man or Miles Morales’ Spider-Man. The games are fairly self-contained and allow you to enjoy the story without playing the other titles first. That said, I recommend playing Spider-Man 2 after the first Spider-Man and Miles Morales, as both games set up and introduce the characters.

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    If you choose to play Spiderman 2 without playing the previous games, you won’t miss anything. The story of the sequel can be experienced as a standalone piece. But if you choose to play the games above, both Spiderman and Spiderman: Miles Morales are available for PlayStation and PC. Don’t forget to preload Spiderman 2 before launch.

    You can easily find videos detailing and breaking down everything that happened in the first two Spiderman games if you haven’t played them. Watching them will keep you up to date with everything that happened, saving you from having to play the full games before Spider-Man 2. That said, feel free to go in blind and play the other games afterwards if you want!

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