How to use pacts in Diablo 4 Season of Blood


    In Season of Blood, you can harness ancient vampiric powers to gain a significant advantage over the forces of Hell. However, this is not free. Pacts are the core resource needed to make use of these powers, and each specific power has a Pact combination that must be fulfilled before being activated. So how are Covenants used? You’ve come to the right place to find out.

    Diablo 4 Blood Pact Season, Explained

    As mentioned, there are numerous vampire powers at your disposal in Season of Blood, and all of them cost Pacts to use. While pacts are a resource, they do not function like standard mana or rage. Any Magic or higher gear drops you obtain in Season of Blood will come with their own set of Covenants. There are three different types of Covenants:

    • Cage – Shown as a red cage icon on the gear.
    • Trophy – Displayed as a yellow trophy icon on the team.
    • Skull – Shown as a white skull icon on the gear.

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    These Covenants do nothing on their own, but when combined, they allow you to harness this season’s signature vampiric powers. The powers themselves require a certain amount of each of the three Covenants to activate. For example, him Call a family member power requires three red cages and three yellow trophies Pacts. The total number and type of Pacts you have is completely determined by how many Pacts you have on your entire team.

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    Your total number of Pacts can be seen by opening the vampire powers tab on your Inventory. From here, you can also see what vampire powers you have activated based on the covenants you possess. This means that you will have to pay attention to both the standard stats and the number of Covenants on any piece of equipment to be as powerful as possible.

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