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    The Throneworld of Savathûn is full of its own mysteries and secrets. However, he shares a secret with all the other fates in Destiny 2, the Lost Sectors. Throne World has three of these Lost Sectors spread across its map. In this guide, we’ll go over where to find the Extraction Lost Sector and how to complete it.

    The first step in overcoming a Lost Sector is to find its entrance. This Lost Sector is located on a cliff in Quagmire. These entrances are marked with the same Lost Sector symbol that is used to highlight them on the map. Still, the entrance can be a bit difficult to find. We recommend that you use the images above to help you identify the entrance if you are having difficulty finding it.

    For this entry to be accessible, you must interact with the orb of deep vision located right next to the Lost Sector logo. Doing this will reveal a platform on the edge of the cliff that will allow you to walk through the Lost Sector.

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    Once you find your way to the Extraction Lost Sector, you will find Despise the enemies in the first room.. All you have to do is quickly take out these enemies to remove a barrier above the corridor to the next room. Once all of Scorn’s enemies are defeated, continue to the second room.

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    The Lost Sector of Extraction second room it is quite big and features both Scorn and Lucent Hive Enemies To clear this room and continue, you’ll need to remove three padlocks blocking your path. Are three locks are destroyed by capturing three separate points In this room. Use the image above to locate these points. Every time you start to capture a point, enemies will spawn to try to stop you, so we recommend that you only take one point at a time.

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    Finally, you will find yourself in the last room of the Lost Sector. The boss-Hathrek the Glasweard— is simple enough to defeat, with her attacks on par with a Hive Witch. We were able to take it out with just a touch of our Super. However, this boss is a Lightbringer, so you’ll need to destroy his Ghost to fully defeat him. Defeating Hathrek will allow you to open the orange cache on the platform at the back of the room.

    So there you have it, which is where to find and complete the Extraction Lost Sector. While completing this Lost Sector on its own isn’t usually too fruitful, completing it when it’s a Legendary or Master Lost Sector will net you some great gear.

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