Wind Shift – General Tips



    General points

    The bindings of

    • Movement: Arrow keys
    • Select: Spacebar
    • Menu: e
    • Change character (in menu): C

    Money Management:

    You don’t need to use the inn at all in the beginning because the healing items are plentiful, especially if you pick up every chest. Although there will be a smaller change in using them than buying the items later.

    Save for the best equipment you can get right now.

    Region 1:

    The first map is rather self-explanatory and not particularly complex or noteworthy. If you’re done with an area, just follow the road.

    Region 2:

    When you’re in the second area, get to level 10 first before fighting the fish boss because you’ll get a lot of Megatama from it.

    When you get to a point where it says ‘first village to go’ you need to go the other way. It took me a while to figure it out.

    Region 3:

    The third map has a sword icon in the lower left corner where you can farm quite well.

    I recommend being at least level 15 for both characters because Ohatsu uses multi-target attacks. Also you can get the Megatama which you need to fully upgrade the second ring of the Hisui plate. The smear largely acts as your treatment.

    However the second fight with him is much harder, I recommend level 20, Samir needs to know group healing.

    Region 4:

    In the fourth map you can find the casino in the north. Although it is called casino these games are not gambling games but mini games. However, the memory game is broken. The best way to get a bill is the field.

    You can get there either by boat or by the secret bridge you get after defeating Ohatsu for the third time.
    The third fight is similar to the second, it would be good to unlock the third ring of the Husui plate.

    All the equipment related to success can be obtained in different ways, I can’t recommend getting them through the casino as this pre-grinding game requires a lot of grinding.

    Area 5:

    Entering the hill I had to stop because the map wouldn’t load.

    When you are locked in an area you can use Mirror Shards to go back to the previous map.



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