Destiny 2 – If you choose to accept it, part III Walkthrough


    If you choose to accept it, Part III takes what could have been a novel approach to a new exotic weapon and its catalyst and throws it into Destiny 2’s repetitive content machine. At least repeating this content adds a new Catalyst to the pulse rifle. exotic, Zero Review. Let’s get into it.

    How to complete the third mission Revision Zero Catalyst in Destiny 2

    • Go back to the Archimedean Annex and download a new crypto index.
      • This mission can be launched from the HELM
    • Travel to the EDZ for further instructions.
      • He lands in Trostland, near where Devrim Kay is located.
    • Crack the passcode encryption by completing patrols and defeating the combatants in the EDZ.
      • You need 100 kills to progress through this. Run through a lost sector or two for the most efficient progress.
    • Locate the deadlock in Trostland’s Terminus East Lost Sector and load the cipher.
      • The stalemate is next to the loot chest at the end of the Lost Sector. Step back after using it as it will explode.
    • Start Operation: Seraph’s Shield on Legend difficulty and find the schematic for the weapon.
      • The third Exo is in the first boss fight room, where Haroktha, Scourge of the Helium Drinkers, first appears.
    • Complete Operation: Seraph Shield on Legend difficulty to successfully obtain the catalyst.
      • Finish the mission and get your third catalyst.

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    What does Outlaw Refit Catalyst do?

    The Outlaw Refit Catalyst works similarly to the Frenzy Refit Catalyst. Instead of quick kills that progressively increase reload speed over a short period, Outlaw Refit makes precision kills greatly reduce reload time without any sort of time limit.

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