Deep Rock Galactic Xmas Event and Steam Sale


    The seasonal Yuletide event in the cooperative with Coffee Stain Publishings, starts by asking the incoming pilot, Deep Rock Galactic. The event takes place on the 15th of December 2022, until the 5th of January 2023.

    This year is bigger than ever, and players have their work sorted out so they can complete a special Yuletide assignment. The possibility of winning double seasons XP if they wrangle escaped Elves while falling in the mining is greater. Christmas presents are much more expensive than ever, a full outfit for yourself, Bosco, and your pickaxe under the tree.

    The seasonal event for Deep Rock Galactic is now available. The contest will sell for 67 percent from the Steam Store.

    Key information for Yuletide 2022 is available.

    • Thank you all a lot of Dwarves and robots.
      • According to the following musical trailer, players who complete the special Yuletide Elf Hunt assignment can unlock their exclusive outfits, new pickaxe and fresh coats of paint for Bosco. Because of its Elfish nature, this outfit must only be worn ironically.
    • Annual Achievement Award assignment.
      • Players can complete their missions to get the unique Reindeer Games hat and a huge payout if they can guide their team in the caves safely.
    • Festive Hats
      • The player can choose from a number of festive hats from the past Xmas events.
    • Double Season XP event.
      • The ice cream in the caves of the Hoxxes is now full of pesky Elves.
      • Players can collect and deposit any Elves they see on their missions to earn their double Season XP for the mission.
    • Decorations
      • And of course even Management didn’t realize the need to deck the halls for the season. Players get all the decorations with wreaths, candles, fairy lights!

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