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    Plane Race Clicker is a Roblox title that combines the thrill of racing fast planes with the adrenaline rush of clicking as fast as you can. The two go hand in hand because the more you click, the more speed you will accumulate. Plane Race Clickers features plane upgrades, pets, and the challenge of finishing the course in less than two minutes as some of the things you can do.

    Using codes in Plane Race Clickers will give you various rewards such as rings which can be used to buy things in the game. Each code provides a different reward, so you should use any current code. Keep in mind that these expire, so enter them quickly when they go live to claim your prizes.

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    List of all airplane racing clicker codes

    Updated December 16, 2022

    Added a new code.

    All airplane racing clicker codes (working)

    These are all currently working Plane Race Clicker codes.

    • MEME—Redeem for 5k Rings (New)
    • VACATION—Redeem for a reindeer pet (New)
    • HELL—Redeem for 2000 Rings (New)
    • RELEASE—Redeem for 20 rings
    • TO FLY—Redeem for 20 rings
    • 100—Redeem for 50 Rings
    • pets—Redeem for 1000 Rings

    All Airplane Racing Clicker Codes (Expired)

    • There are currently no expired codes for Plane Race Clicker.

    How to Redeem Codes in Plane Race Clicker

    Redeeming codes in Plane Race Clicker is easy and a great way to get free prizes. When entering codes, be sure to enter them exactly as they appear. Here’s how to redeem codes on Airplane Racing Clicker.

    Image from MyFullGames
    • Click on the codes button on the right side of the screen.
    • Select the Enter codes here… Text’s box.
    • Enter the code and press Redeem!

    How can you get more Plane Race Clicker codes?

    There are several outlets for more Plane Race Clicker codes. you can follow @My entertainment_ on Twitter or join the official My entertainment productions group in Roblox itself. Finally, you can bookmark this page and check if any new codes have been added to Plane Race Clickers. Once new codes are released we will update them and add them to our list.

    Why is my Plane Race Clicker not working?

    All codes for Plane Race Clickers are controlled by the developer, which means they decide what the code is, what it rewards you with, and when it expires. If you enter a code and it doesn’t work, there are several reasons why. Double check to see if you have entered the code correctly; typing it wrong will not allow the code to work. The code could be expired and no longer valid, so check to make sure it’s on our job code list. It’s also possible that a code has been released but isn’t live yet, and in that case, you should check Plane Race Clicker’s social media to see if an upcoming update will validate the code. If you notice a code isn’t working, please let us know so we can check and update our list accordingly.

    How to get free Rings in Plane Race Clicker

    Rings are used in Plane Race Clicker to purchase in-game items, so you’ll want to earn as many of them as possible. You can get free Rings through various methods. This includes redeeming codes to get a unique batch of Rings, using your daily spins when available, and competing in races. As you go through numbered checkpoints in a race, you’ll earn free Rings.

    What is Plane Race Clicker?

    Plane Race Clicker is a Roblox title from My Entertainment Productions. The object of the game is to increase the speed by clicking. You can increase your speed by collecting drops in the lobby, buying planes to multiply your clicks, or buying pets and trails for additional bonuses. You can also be reborn to increase your skill in Plane Race Clicker.

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