Dead Island 2 will allow players to customize their skills on the fly



    While you’re in other games, players can only customize their skills with the exception of standing or out of danger, Dead Island 2 is a free flight option.

    According to the latest issue (January 22, 2023 issue of Dambuster Studio Game Director David Stenton), players will use skill decks in which each ability upgrade is represented as a skill card that changes or modifies a skill. If a card is used, the ability may change. For example, if a dodge mechanic is applied to a certain card, the ability will have to become a block instead of a card. It can also grant perks such as health regeneration, which occur after committing a crime. Great for your insecurity.

    Stanton assured fans that although others might be a little nervous about the games use of cards, the setup would be very flexible.

    What is a deck a matter of fact that you can customize it in full, Stanton explained. It’s about customizing your deck at any time. The combat system and the sandbox vary a lot from location to location, and a lot of different types of zombies have different effects and tactical implications. That’s really important.

    Players can adapt to every situation and always adapt to each situation. If you encounter enemies with a strong defence against your specific skills, you will immediately get to the menu and change your deck to deal more damage. It is possible to encounter two different types of zombies, and one wants to deal with them both simultaneously. Use one or more decks on a zombie before changing it in the next 2nd. If done correctly, you will clean up the infected areas in an instant.

    Dead Island 2 is coming out April 28, 2023 for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and PS series X/S.



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