Dead Island 2: The authors explain why it is set in Los Angeles, which is not an island



    Why can’t you set Dead Island 2 and set up a The Angels, as it is famously it’s not an island? The developers explained this to Game Informer while talking about how the city was a confined and isolated city after zombie invaded.

    Dead Island 2 is expected to come to LA on April 28 2023 because there are a lot of possibilities and potential with regard to these scenarios, but also to characters, personnel and the zombies themselves, said Adam Duckett, design director.

    The sunburn and beautiful beaches, the exotic houses of Bel-Air and many more, have given this liveliness. It is a great place to see combat on Dead Island like 2 academies.

    Los Angeles has a very eccentric culture and identity that’s recognized around the world, added creative director James Worrall. If you were there, everyone saw the film through the Hollywood window, and I think this is an excellent way to get entertained while punching zombies around.

    In one example, that fantasy version of LA, I know all from Hollywood, the remains of failed evacuation attempts, all the classic zombie invasion. However, we were very careful to add color and vibrancy to our minds.

    Adam Olsson and his team have done a fantastic job of making this place look glamorous. In that game, I won’t be able to see what happens next in Fallujah or a war zone. It’s easy to see how the space can be, and to be seen.



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