Metro Games in Order – Full List (2022)



    Ever since the original Metro 2033 hit our screens in 2010, Metro games have been a staple for FPS fans on both consoles and PC. Based on the Metro novels by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, players try to survive in a nuclear post-apocalypse world. Beginning in the Moscow metro for which the series is named, danger can await around every corner. But the popularity of the series stems as much from the storytelling as the survival horror action. Below you’ll find a complete list of Metro games in order, as of late 2022.

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    • Subway 2033 (2010)
    • subway last light (2013)
    • Subway: Redux (2014)
    • Subway: Exodus (2019)
    • Subway: Exodus – Two Colonels (2019)
    • Subway: Exodus – Sam’s Story (2020)

    Subway 2033 (2010)

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    the original game, and the one that many still consider the best. An FPS predominantly set in the Moscow metro after the holocaust, the player attempts to help the protagonist Artyom save your home from mutants while surviving deadly radiation.

    Subway: Last Light (2013)

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    The sequel to Metro 2033 came three years later, maintaining the successful FPS horror genre along with elements of stealth and survival. You repeat your role as Artyom, again playing largely in the Mosco Metro. Introduced weapon customization, along with Hardcore Ranger Mode.

    Subway: Redux (2014)

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    Metro: Redux was released a year after Metro: Last Light, offering what the publisher described as the Definitive versions of the first two games. They were rebuilt using the most recent version of the 4A engine that was used to make both games, and Metro 2033: Redux received rave reviews.

    Subway: Exodus (2019)

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    Exodus continues the story directly from the end of Redemption Subway: Last night. He again stuck to the tried-and-true horror-shooter format, but expanded the crafting system while opening the game up in more sandbox style areasincluding environmental conditions, as the range of the play area increased.

    Metro: Exodus – Two Colonels (2019)

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    DLC content for Metro: Exodus, adding another four or more hours of content. Usually praised for its story elementsbut less for its cost-content ratio.

    Metro: Exodus – Sam’s Story (2020)

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    More DLC, this time set in Vladivostok as Sam tries to get home to the US.. It again received a mixed reaction, with the story elements shot down for some gameplay issues.

    Note: Outside of the main series, two more games were released for mobile devices. Subway 2033: The mobile game (2012), and Subway 2033: Wars (2015).

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