Aroged: Foxconn and Pegatron take the lead in the movement of production from China to Japan


    India, Vietnam, Brazil are the main destination for migration.

    The Middle Kingdom isn’t most popular as a production base for electronic devices. The situation allows for temporary misunderstandings such as health restrictions, and even the severance of the US resulting in rising costs from the Chinese government.

    Source: Apple.


    13900K c Regard at standard price.

    One can buy 5 types of 4090 in Citylink at standard prices.

    i7 13700KF 16 cores price collapsed.

    RTX 3070 Ti for 55 tr in Citylink.

    i5 13600K 14 cores cheaper and faster i7 12700K.

    RTX 4080 six types in Regard.

    New 13700K and KF are cheap with Regard.

    Ryzen 7700X 4.5GHz = price collapse!

    13600K at Regard.

    4 views of RTX 4090 in Regard to view.

    Foxconn and Pegatron have not only invested heavily in production and training in India, they also can transfer to other Asia-Pacific countries / Brazil – up to 30 percent of electrical contract assemblies in the future. 21 Apple suppliers are already operating in Vietnam, but the production of the iPhone, key to the latter, hasn’t been established here, although in India, the latest generation of smartphones of this brand have begun to come together this year, with a smallest delay over China.


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