CoD Mobile is officially bigger than Modern Warfare 2.


    Call of Duty: Mobile It’s the bee’s knees when it comes to bringing the series together in a healthy and complete way, allowing players to enjoy only the best bits of console games in one place.

    for the year CoD Mobile Punching bits of console games and creating an impressive portfolio of maps, weapons and modes, and combined with incredible skin and camo designs, the game has evolved.

    Now, with Call of Duty console in fall, CoD Mobile Activation has moved towards the most lucrative and important aspect of the series for overtaking. Modern Warfare 2 And War Zone.

    Call of Duty Mobile has grossed $3 billion in revenue.

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    Since its launch in 2019, CoD Mobile It has sparkled with it Counter-attack-ore crate system – although it has a somewhat dangerous gambling tinge – and has seen players buy into the loot, quite literally.

    Over the past four years, the free-to-play mobile game has generated $3 billion in revenue, Activision revealed in its quarterly financial report.

    Throughout this time, sales were strictly for the multiplayer variant. CoD Mobileand so on Warzone: Mobile Set for its worldwide launch later this year, Activision, and now by extension Microsoft, should increase the potential for similar revenue.

    Call of Duty: Mobile has overtaken consoles as the most played CoD.

    Although Modern Warfare 2 Clearly one is in silence, along with many others cold War And other classics Call of Duty the game, CoD Mobile It is now confirmed to have a larger player base than all console games combined.

    Activision now claims more than half of the remaining 90 million Call of Duty Players are born around the world. CoD Mobile.

    For overall activation, mobile apps have been a gold mine. CoD Mobile Teaming up with Crush the candyhandheld games have generated $1.9 billion in the past six months alone, surpassing the PC player base ($1.25bn) and that on consoles ($1.19bn).

    Call of Duty Fans will want to brace themselves for another big year for mobile apps as well, as Verdansk is coming back. Warzone: Mobilewhich will definitely be a winner.


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