Warzone 2 fans criticize ‘cruel’ servers for ruining their games


    While gunplay, loadouts, and cosmetics are all important aspects. Warzone 2 Experience, none of this works without stable servers.

    Poor latency and packet loss are some of the most frustrating issues to experience in a multiplayer game, as it makes it impossible to compete effectively.

    Well, in the last few weeks, Warzone 2 Players have claimed that stability has been “unacceptable” and that the devs need to address the issue.

    According to him, the “brutal” servers need to be restarted because they are making the game unplayable in its current state.

    Warzone 2 players call “unacceptable” server issues

    leading to CODWarzone subreddit, user JRest71 decided to create a thread highlighting serious server issues. Warzone 2 During the last few weeks.

    According to him, the “atrocious” server issues are simply “unacceptable” and Activision needs to identify a solution as soon as possible.

    As expected, the post sparked backlash from the community, with one user calling out the “incompetent” devs and another arguing that the servers have been “trash since day one.”

    Based on the comments, the most common problem players are having is the constant “micro-stutters” that make it almost impossible to win gunfights.

    When will the Warzone 2 devs fix the server issues?

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    Many players expected the server fix to be introduced with the July 19 weekly patch, but in the end it only included a set of ranking restrictions and the Dragon Breath shotgun attachment.

    As a result, it is impossible to know when these issues will be resolved, as server issues can take a long time to resolve.

    We’ll just have to hope that the hotfix is ​​out in the next few days, otherwise, it’ll just be a matter of waiting until next week’s patch and hoping for the changes to roll in.


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