How to free Otis in Sea of ​​Thieves


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    With the Monkey Island update in Sea of ​​Thieves, many familiar faces have joined the crew. This includes the legendary Guybrush Threepwood, the infamous Captain LeChuck, and more. One face I recognized was Otis, who, surprise surprise, is in jail on Mêlée Island. In an act of pity, I decided to release the man, but this was not as easy as I had hoped.

    How to get Otis out of jail in Sea of ​​Thieves – Mêlée Island

    Otis and his partner, Captain Coco, are the only residents of the Mêlée Island jail. Of course, Captain Coco is a coconut that Otis carves a face out of, but being behind bars seems cruel. You’ll have to do some work to free Otis, but you’ll want to if you plan on completing all of The Journey to Mêlée Island’s recommendations.

    First things first, you need to get the chef uniform. This requires you to round 45 pieces of eight. Once you do, you can become the chef’s helper. This is crucial because you need cooking the stew for the Scum Bar.

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    After you put on your chef’s uniform and cook the stew, the meat will bulge out of the pot. grab the meat and head to the city, but not to jail. Instead, get down in the alley behind the church and find the skeleton guard at the break. You’ll notice a pack of Piranha Poodles and an empty food bowl. Place the meat in the container.

    Wait for the pups to attack the skeleton and then take the gunpowder gummies from the bench you will have to stop by the general store and pick up some rope, so sure that you have collected enough pieces of eight. With both items in hand, head over to the jail.

    How to complete the Prison Break Commendation in Sea of ​​Thieves

    Place a Gunpowder Jelly into the lock on Otis’s cell.. attach rope him too and take a few steps back. Take out your flashlight and light the rope. This will cause the lock to explode and free Otis. In a treacherous move, Otis leaves Captain Coco behind. However, this is actually good for you as it will allow you to get the Guided Tour commendation.

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