Stormy Waves: How to Destroy the Giant Rock in Corroded Ruins


    Wuthering Waves is an open-world action RPG from Kuro Games. The game really commits to the “open world” aspect, with tons of areas to explore and secrets to discover. One is this giant rock wall in Corroded Ruins. Here’s how to destroy it (because you can).

    How to break the giant rock wall with writing in Wuthering Waves

    The key to breaking the giant rock in Corroded Ruins is this torn journal note (7) nearby. Specifically the following parts:

    • “The rock wall here seems thinner”
    • “If we tried to dig together, we could find a way out.”
    Screenshot of pro game guides

    In short, rock can be hacked. Take a character who uses a wide leaf gun, run to the wall and cut. Doing so will reveal a shortcut to Remnant Residence in Wuming Bay and an area with a chest.

    You can also try this with a sword resonator, although it didn’t work for me. It could be a mistake or the fact that I didn’t charge into the wall. Rover just turns it up when they get close.

    However, it is unfortunate for the man and his companion; after all, they were almost out of the ruins. You’ll find a lot of small stories like this in Wuthering Waves, so try not to skip every flavor text you see, even if Kuro gives you the option.

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