CoD Fans’ Casual Frustrations Point to a Bigger Problem for the Series


    Call of Duty was once known as the quintessential casual FPS game; was the king of the genre and still had enough room for skilled players to shine and make a difference. Today things are different; Movement mechanics are critical to winning a firefight, and like never before, it’s less about individual aim. Is it any wonder that informals are going through more difficult times?

    User Thorin1601 recently jumped on the Warzone subreddit to express his frustrations about the game and the struggle of being a casual player. Our protagonist provides some personal details about a motorcycle accident and his relatively new experience with Warzone; They specifically admit that they care little about being the best of the best, but would like to feel a Warzone victory every now and then. However, the current meta and overall gameplay mechanics do not favor the casual audience.

    User SnooMacaroons6049 offered a kind word to our main man, saying: “You’re not alone mate, it gets frustrating and I think we all wonder what’s going on sometimes. I hope your recovery goes well; good luck.”

    Others were not so accommodating; User Other-Unit1329 chimed in and said, “This isn’t a casual game anymore.” They are not the only ones with that mentality; User SILENCERSTUDENT_ agreed, but offered a few other games as suggestions, saying, “This isn’t a casual game. Try Diablo 4 or Manor Lords; they’re a lot of fun and much more casual.”

    I can’t understand that Call of Duty is not a casual game. The idea itself seems very strange and that may be the exact mentality of other players who are exhausted by the current state of the game. Call of Duty has been he Casual FPS for decades and suddenly players are left with very limited alternatives. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if a large majority of players are looking to the future of CoD in hopes that Treyarch’s hand at the wheel will change things.

    Since the transition from the MW2 version of Warzone to MW3, I have seen a drastic increase in the difficulty of winning a Warzone match. I may be a competitive player and always strive to win, but I’m exhausted by the enormous demands that CoD asks of me as my supposedly casual game. If you’re not willing to learn the move, Warzone feels like hell; You have to master those mechanics to even have a chance of winning a duel against another player who jumps, darts, and slides all over the place.

    During MW2 and Al Mazrah, all of my friends achieved a victory despite their status as casual players, but moving on to MW3 none of them managed to claim that golden spot or even come close. Rather, they are usually submerged by enemy combatants who bounce from wall to wall in a sugar rush in the final circles. This presents a growing problem with Warzone and Call of Duty itself: it is constantly moving away from the casual player base despite its roots as he Casual FPS. I sincerely doubt that CoD has the mettle to reach levels of competition like Valorant or CS2, so it saddens me that my friends and I are turning to other games for a more relaxed experience (Destiny 2 has become our home in recent months ).

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