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    If you love competitive knockout games on Roblox, Death Ball is among the greats! But if you want to succeed in the arena, deflecting the ball with your weapon to win each round, you will need to use the best champions to succeed.

    Who are the best Roblox Death Ball champions?

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    Roblox Death Ball is a dodgeball-style arena combat game where you claim Gems and level up defeat opponents and winning rounds being the last player standing. As you level up, you’ll unlock improved abilities for each champion, with different champions suiting different playstyles due to their varied strengths and weaknesses.

    There are around 10 champions you can buy and level up in Roblox Death Ball, all inspired by anime heroes. Most are available to purchase with the gems you earn as you play (or you can collect them through our Roblox Death Ball codes), but some are only available by completing quests in the game or with Roblox. I have listed the best five champions You can choose from below, as well as a couple of other solid options if your playstyle suits something a little different.


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    Based on: Killua ZoldyckHunter x Hunter)

    Keilo, the Lightning Master, can be purchased using 25k gems. He is great at dodging and moving at high speed through the arena. You will start with the Freeze Zap ability that freezes the ball for 2.5 seconds and electrocutes an opponent if timed well.

    You will move without adding Good luck at level 15 (run super fast for 5 seconds while having auto drift for that time), Invisibility of the murderer at level 50 (invisible and untargetable for 3 seconds), and Lightning Interception to 75 (you intercept for 7 seconds and can deflect for someone else once). Please note that Keilo used to be available only by spending 199 Robux, but this has changed.


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    Based on: Saitama (One hit man)

    The hero Saito is obtained through RNG when you start playing (you get a random character for free) or for 5k Gems afterwards. Generally seen as the game’s premium blocking character, Saito gets Uppercut immediately (an auto deflection with a long deflection time that launches the ball a long distance).

    Later you can get Super jump at level 25 (throwing you into the air), sonic slide to 50 (an automatic bypass with a very long timer), and earth walls at level 80 (another auto diverter that speeds up the ball, which can often throw your opponents off track).


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    Based on: Toji Fushiguro (Jujutsu Kaisen)

    You can only obtain Koju by finding Cursed Spirit packs by completing the Cursed Spirit boss battle. Koju is a good defensive champion who builds up great combos later on as he also evolves into an attacking force.

    When you start you will have jump punch, which allows you to automatically deflect while jumping through the air. As you level up you will also get spiritual wall at 30 (the wall makes other players use their block while also deflecting the ball for you), chain spear at 67 (the ball points at you, but then automatically deflects), and Gun when you reach level 89 (you can shoot the ball to deflect it).


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    Based on: hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)

    Jiro, the trickster champion, can only be obtained once you complete Card Hunt, which involves collecting nine cards. These cards are hidden in various places throughout the game, from the lobby to boss battles (see below). This is a great hero for launching complex combos.

    Jiro begins with the bomb jump skill, which allows you to get closer to opponents or reach high locations. At level 30 you win bonk (a powerful hit that damages a player when the ball reaches him), 62 Side step (the ball misses you), and at 80 Elastic cord (makes the ball move towards you).

    Jiro’s Letter Search

    To complete the hunt you need nine of the available cards. Here are the simplest locations:

    • On the right side of the blue roof of the Hall of Champions in the lobby.
    • In it Dark Dimension Mapon one of the walls.
    • Behind Jiro in the Hall of Champions.
    • On one of the three tall pillars that surround the RAP tower in the lobby.
    • About him Hard Tower Mapabove the electrical tower in the lower right corner.
    • Behind the enchantment table in it Commercial lobby.
    • For the blue dog in the Hall of Champions in the lobby.
    • In it Chief’s lobbybehind the ‘Coming Soon’ door.
    • In the lobby, next to the fruit standOn the right.
    • Inside a bush in the Tournament Arena Map.
    • For the girls lying on the left side of the beach map.
    • In one of the doors near a ramp in the Ghoul Arena Map.
    • Under a bronze gear in the castle map.


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    Based on: Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

    The champion of time and space, Gazo, is obtained via RNG when you start playing (you get a random character for free) or for 5k Gems afterwards. It’s a good choice if you like the idea of ​​tricking your opponents. You start with the fake ball skill, which deflects the ball but also creates a feint to confuse players).

    As you level up you will also earn Dash Phase at 20 (teleport in the direction you are pointing), Band to 60 (blinds a random player), and Astral Portal at 85 (the ball will go through it, instead of coming towards you).

    Next best options

    Both kameki and Lufus They’re solid champions to level up with, but they just miss out on my top five. kameki It costs 17.5k gems and has some interesting abilities that affect the speed of the ball and your movement. This makes it difficult to play and perfect, but great if you try hard. Lufus He is your random starting champion or you can buy him for 5k gems later. If you want to sabotage other players by diverting them and slowing down time, it’s a fun and disruptive option.

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