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    Slap Battles is a chaotic fighting game where you try to slap others into oblivion! Slaps are improved with the best gloves, so read on for my tier list of the most desirable gloves in Roblox Slap Battles.

    Tier List for All Roblox Slap Battles Gloves

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    This tier list includes all available in the game and the rating only considers their usefulness in terms of attacks and passives. For example, some slightly lower level gloves may be much easier to come by, making them preferable in the short term while they become hard to find gloves. Note that many are available by spending a few thousand Slaps which you can often get for free with our Roblox Slap Battles codes.

    Your rankings may order things differently due to your play style and preferences. Some gloves are incredibly difficult to obtain, while others are complicated to use and are only really viable for experienced players. The real key is to have fun, pick up gloves as you go, and give each one a fair chance before discarding it completely. This is a personal list, but feel free to add your wisdom in the comments section below.

    Level Glove name
    S+ Counter, Detonator, Hand of God, Golden, Strap, Link, Orbit, Exaggerated, Psycho, Retro, Fragment, Spectator, Thick
    Yes Bob, Bomb, Bubble, Chain, Coil, Custom, Disarm, Sleep, Dodge, Bug, Extended, Fish, Ice, Killstreak, Magnet, Megarock, Rattlebones, Recover, Reverse, Rob, Slapple, Spy, Tableflip, The Flex, Ultra Instinct, Za Hando
    TO Alchemist, Balloon, Berzerk, Baller, Blocked, Boogie, Booster, Friends, Bus, Cargo, Default, Fireworks, Flamarang, Goofy, Hallow Jack, Hybrid, Jebaited, Jet, Kraken, Decoy, Megarock, Moyai (Easter Island) , Ghost, Phase, Ping Pong, Potato, Shield, Shukuchi, Slicer, Snow, Sparky, Squid, Stop, Tableflip, Voodoo, Warp, Whoa
    b Acrobat, Bye, Administrator, Anchor, Black hole, Boomerang, Cheeky, Cloud, Confusion, Defense, Dive bomb, Mastery, Druid, Duelist, Flash, Freezing, Ghost, Failure, Glove, Gravity, Hammer, Hitman, Home run, Skating on ice, Kinetic, Meteor, Moon, Nightmare, Null, Obby, Parry, Plague, Reaper, Replica, Rhythm, RNG, Rocky, Red, Sbeve, Space, Stun, Sun, Swapper, Thanos, Thor, Track, Tycoon
    c Blasphemy, Bull, Carrier, Diamond, Dice, Engineer, Ferryman, Strong, Guardian Angel, Jester, Mail, Mitten, Necromancer, Earthquake, Pull, Pusher, Rage, [Redacted]Run, Santa Claus, Scythe, Spring, Handyman, Trap, Whirlwind, Wormhole, Zzzzzzz
    d Brick, Cult, Jellyfish, Fair, Jupiter, Imitation, Lamp, OLBOM, Bread, Snowball

    Higher S+ Tier Gloves in Slap Battles


    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Force: 52 Speed: 17 Skill countdown: 10 seconds Requires: Headhunter Badge

    You’ll need to win a game of Slap Royale to get this gauntlet and get at least 15 kills in the process. You’ll quickly learn to appreciate the immense power of the Detonator once you use and master it, but it’s not easy. His Blast Tag ability marks anyone you slap; When you use the ability, everyone you’ve marked will explode, launching them in the direction you’re facing when you activate it. The slap itself knocks them down, so a well-timed use of the ability can effectively knock them down twice, countering some abilities like Fish.


    Force: 48 Speed: 10 Skill countdown: 8 seconds (Hammer Ban); 3 seconds (rocket launcher); 2.5 seconds (bomb) Requires: Parkour Pwner Badge

    The Retro Glove is generally considered to be the best glove out there and has multiple abilities, mimicking the Hybrid, Santa, and Jester gloves all in one. However, he is also one of the most difficult gloves to get. The triple threat of Ban Hammer, Bomb and Rocket Launcher makes it an all-occasion glove; The Rocket Launcher is an excellent ranged attack, the Ban Hammer has top-notch knockback, and the bomb is excellent for avoiding hazards.

    Best S-tier gloves in slap battles

    Screenshot of pro game guides


    Force: N/A Speed: fifteen Skill countdown: N/A Cost: 50k slaps

    This is the perfect skill for working on a private server, but not really for slapping. It’s a one-shot kill when you hit someone, so good players will simply avoid getting close to you at all costs. A good number of gloves (golden, shield, counter, etc.) will stop you in your tracks, but you can also counter other abilities (you can avoid being zombified by a Necromanvcerm, for example).

    Death streak

    Force: 35-300 Speed: fifteen Skill countdown: Phase 1-5: NA, Phase 6: 6 seconds, Phase 7: 14 seconds, Phase 8: 2 seconds Cost: 5k slaps

    This is an incredible glove in the hands of a skilled player, although it does have some caveats. Every time you kill someone the power of the glove increases. This is a passive skill, your power starts off weak and you have no skills at all, but this is offset by a nice boost to movement speed. When you reach stage six, you lose the speed buff and gain the Orb Blast ability (ranged with a small knockback). When you reach phases seven and eight, you become a killing machine.

    Best A-Level Gloves in Slap Battles

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    table flip

    Force: 52 Speed: sixteen Skill countdown: 14 seconds Cost: 15k slaps

    While this gauntlet’s ability has a long cooldown, it is the most powerful projectile weapon in the game, as you will throw a table at an opponent that deals massive damage on impact. You will also knock them back, and the knockback effect will be stronger the closer the victim is to you. The table also flies fast, but on the other hand, you have to be precise and the hits do not reward you with slaps.


    Force: 52 Speed: sixteen Skill countdown: 10 seconds Cost: 7k slaps

    If you like an APOE attack, this is the glove for you at the relatively easy to acquire range. It also knocks them down, making it difficult for players to get close while also knocking them back, which is great near the edges. Just be careful of anyone who uses Reverse (which counters it) or any bouncing abilities (like Whirlwind or Charge).

    B to D level gloves in slap battles

    B-tier gloves are solid, but you’ll usually find better versions of the same skills, multiple skills, or upgraded versions that work similarly in higher-tier gloves. I would avoid level C and D gloves unless you are really comfortable with one in particular, as there is always something better available relatively easily.

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