Can you marry or fall in love with the characters in Fire Emblem Engage?


    Players who can’t wait for Fire Emblem Engage always have questions about specific features or whether Fire Emblem Engage is a core title. These players are currently wondering if Fire Emblem Engage has marriage and romance options.

    Can you have a relationship in Fire Emblem Engage?

    Romance and relationships have always been a big part of the Fire Emblem games and are the reason players wonder if Fire Emblem Engage has them. However, there is no official confirmation through game trailers, sneak peeks, or previews of whether Romance either there are marriage options in Fire Emblem Engage. The developers have yet to confirm if the players can be in a relationship. Regardless, we think the feature is very likely to appear in Fire Emblem Engage, as it has always been a popular mechanic in previous games.

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    Fire Emblem Engage also features a bonus system where players can deepen their bond level with various characters over time, unlocking new abilities. Players can also dine and buy gifts to increase the bond level with certain characters. Both of these features are similar to how the romance mechanic worked in previous Fire Emblem games. While unconfirmed, these features could lead to romances or relationship mechanics that have yet to be revealed through promotional materials.

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