Bluepoint games holiday card teaser is a remake of the original Hideo Kojima property


    Bluepoint Games has shared a new Holiday card. The gaming community has received massive attention from the gamers, just because fans believe this image has an new title for the company. Many players believe this card is teasing a remake of the iconic Hideo Kojima property that’s been rumored for a long time.

    Sony published a blog post that shared several holiday cards from the company’s own studio. Bluepoint holidays card has Christmas flowers and trees. Three gifts go open with a shield, axe, and a sword wiggle on them while a fourth gift remains wrapped and sealed.

    Image via Bluepoint Games and Sony.

    Fans gathered that the weapons in the image represent the games that the company worked on. The shield is the remake of Demons Soul, the axe represents the god of War, and the sword is the remake of the Colosso.

    That’s obvious an elusive image to the iconic games that they worked on. The shield is from Demons and the souls Remake, the Axe is of the God of War and the Sword from Shadow of the Coloss. One box left which can represent the next project like MGS?

    Candy ($$Punisher) December 15, 2022

    It’s been rumoured long that Bluepoint is tied to remaking Metal Gear Solid, and some gamers believe that the red ribbon in the unopened present represents the red question mark that appears over enemies heads when they spot Snake.

    That red ribbon resembles mgs, but I may be reaching a tad too much a little dread (despite secretly hoping that I am not and whose exactness they were aiming for ) Compared to the mls for mgs, it is a kind of red ribbon, so I’ll not be a much better person as a person, so I’ll be tainte

    Joaquim Pinto (@Kinoderquim) December 15, 2022.

    The tweet was a sign that Kojima is involved in something bluepoints related, most likely to the company, and that he could have developed a Metal Gear Solid remake.

    Something Metal Gear Solid related, particularly if Kojima tweeted that. I think it was the MGS1 remake by Bluepoint with Kojima doing it. with regard to the project.

    MetalGuy86 (@MetalGuy86) December 16, 2022

    If the Metal Gear Solid remake rumors are true, that will be the first metal Gear game to be revealed since 2015. Kojima recently announced a sequel to his hit action game Death Stranding. Kojima works together with Hammerstone to produce a film adaptation of Death Stranding.


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