Blizzard reverses World of Warcraft tailoring bans in exchange for outrage


    At least 24 hours after World of Warcraft started to throw around the ban wave, Blizzard Entertainment and the team behind World of Warcraft released an official response.

    It’s refreshing seeing Blizzard Entertainment take action swiftly and admit its mistakes.

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    As for now, World of Warcraft players took the Reddit and Blizzard forum to complain about being targeted by massive bans. Most ban recipients said they weren’t aware of the influx of gold and silver coins. Many believed that Blizzard was too quick to strike down the banhammer. Even though that spirit of Christmas got into the hearts of World of Warcraft devs and they’ve since reversed their decision.

    Here’s what they said in their blue official post:

    After further investigation, we came to find out that some of those we suspended likely didn’t have a deliberate intent to exploit and were simply doing something that seemed naturally available.

    As a result of that, we’ve heard a lot of feedback about how and why they created them, and were preparing a series of improvements to make in a future patch.

    Practically, a couple of people have misused the bug. In spite of the different activities causing the cooldown resets, Blizzard can no longer tell which one abused that bug deliberately from the ones who didn’t. Even though everyone has the time to report the malicious behavior to Blizzard, there were a few who did that. What’s worse is that some got banned without even knowing why, as they were completely unaware that World of Warcraft had an ongoing issue.

    But, it seems only natural for Blizzard to reverse suspensions due to the confusion in the game’s menu.

    World of Warcraft remains a world’s most popular MMORPG despite its nearly two decades old heritage.

    Once it came to the Battle of Warcraft, it is believed that Blizzard is working on a mobile version after canceling one. Blizzard is currently planning to release Diablo 4 in June.


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