The Witcher 3 is a comedy by industrial_paradoxe by which Triss Merigold is starred



    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is available now. It is an excellent achievement in both costumes and photography, as well as its pedagogical component.

    With the photographer’s work we can find the final picture. The initial shot showed a natural light that didn’t reveal the cosplay characteristics. However, the skin became brighter and the dress becoming more ethereal and everything reacted to a more magical aspect. What a love of fiction is.

    For those unfamiliar with her, Triss Merigold, of Maribor, is a famous sorcerer in the Witcher series, specializing in potions. Since in particular, her presence exploded in the movie series, where she had rather roomishes in the book. She believed she was dead during the Battle of Colle Sodden, and guardian of Ciri in Kaer Morhen for some time, in the trilogy of CD Projekt Red helps Geralt of Rivia several times, starting from the beginning of the first episode.



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