Blaseball announced that new season will come in the works today


    For those of you who have enjoyed the weird online game of Blaseball, we’ve got good news! The match returns with a new season. The Game Band has worked hard to bring back a new season of the game to make things different. Those who are trying to figure out what everything does are doing. We actually ended our last season a long time ago with good betting on the Seattle Garages (who never won a title), and now we don’t even know whether they exist. The system has been overhauled, and changed appearance, but it is the same old game you’re remembering. We’ve got the best out of detail, but with excitement – for the same time we will again start to look for Seattle.

    Credit: Bally-octain.

    “Blaseball is the only online game based on the absurdist, horrific version of baseball, that fans can wager on simulated games using virtual currency. Successful bets earn positive votes on regular elections and change player’s teams, team’s lineup, game-oriented stories, game rules, etc. Each season of ballball lasts over one week, with games occurring roughly every hour. There are 90 games per season followed by an Open Championship on Sundays where teams compete for the Championship. Each postseason is followed by a series of events that last a weekas the story arc progresses. In addition to the series of events that unfold throughout the week, the offseason will begin to include some mechanics like elections, roster management, and the mysterious gods of the Blaseball universe. The next season starts on Monday and continues”.

    “During the time of the season, fans will receive a daily packet of Chips & Votes for their wagering and participate in the debate and the story of a game. Fans can plan ahead and bet how they like, whenever they like game and even at play, and their income can always be rewarded for their work. The results are shared from one hour through one Sunday. This Era will mark the emergence of a new type of Blaseball made via the supermassive Black Hole that ended the previous universe. The Preseason Fall Ball / event already saw players redrafted on different teams, and over the course of the story, other elements and games can be explored by the black Holedrasty by changing the narrative and its foundations. What’s really going to happen?


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