BitLife – How to complete the Lady of Darkness challenge


    Finishing the BitLife Mistress of the Dark challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective. Start by creating a female Boston character and then follow the steps below.

    All objectives to complete in the Mistress of the Dark challenge – BitLife

    To complete the Mistress of the Dark challenge in BitLife, players must complete the following objectives in the order of their choosing:

    How to be born a woman in BitLife

    The first objective of the Mistress of the Dark challenge is to be born as a woman. While customizing your character, select female as your starting gender and choose Boston as your city of birth. Choosing Boston allows you to complete the next challenge objective instead of migrating to Boston after turning 18.

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    How to Own a Haunted Mansion in Massachusetts – BitLife Guide

    If you’ve followed my advice above, you should live in Massachusetts. After you turn 18, click on the Purchases option in the Activities tab. Choose a real estate agent and browse their catalog to find any property with a suffix/prefix: Haunted Mansion.

    If you find such a house, buy it immediately to complete the goal. It will take some time to find such a house. So, increase the age and keep visiting the agent until you get one.

    These homes are available in the range of $500k to $1 million. So, save some money, between $100,000 and $200,000, by doing any normal job for ten or years, followed by a mortgage to secure the property.

    How to have a poodle named Algonquin in BitLife

    For the next part of the Mistress of the Dark challenge, you must have a poodle named Aloquin. Go to the Pets section in the Activities tab and choose the Dogg Breeders option. In the next menu, select the Poodle option and purchase any puppy under 1. Change the puppy’s name to Algonquin to finish the task.

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    How to survive a paranormal attack in BitLife

    The fourth task of the current challenge is to survive a paranormal attack. There are two ways to finish the objective. It can happen randomly or by summoning the ghost. Continue living in the house until you encounter the ghost and survive the attack, or summon a ghost using the Spirits option in the Activities tab of your house.

    How to summon more than 2 ghosts in BitLife

    For the last objective, you must summon more than two ghosts. Like the previous objective, choose the Spirits option in the Activities tab of the Haunted Mansion and click on any ghost to summon it. Repeat this a total of two times to finish the entire challenge.

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