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    Imagine for a moment that you’re playing a Warlock, but you have an army of undeath at your side through a specialization of Necromancy via the Wizard. If you’re a typical D&D player, you probably can’t imagine this working out due to the stat dependency of both classes being different. However, thanks to Larian’s generosity toward multi-classing and the many diverse items available in BG3, it is very much possible and very powerful. If this build sounds interesting to you, read on, because I’m about to break down my Necrolock build just for you.

    Best Necrolock Build in BG3

    The Necrolock fuses the ability to summon powerful undead to fight by your side while you unleash multiple Eldritch Blast each turn. Thanks to the Warped Headband of Intellect, we can forgo the need to put any points into INT, the Wizard’s main stat. This allows us to throw our points toward buffing up Eldritch Blast while ensuring all your Wizard spells are powerful enough to be a threat to most enemies in the game. With a large health pool, multiple summons, many AOEs, and strong crowd-control, the Necrolock is effective in any scenario. Let’s get into building it.

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    Best Stats and Race for Necrolock in BG3

    As with a normal Warlock, the best races tend to be the ones that give you Fey Ancestry and/or Superior Darkvision. The Drow race gives you both, so I consider that one of the best options for the build. As a backline caster, Eldritch Blast is your primary damaging spell making Charisma your core stat. You’ll need some additional AC and Intitive to play a strong caster, making Dexterity second in value. Your third priority is Consitution, to bring up a relatively small health pool.

    • Race – Drow/Any Elf Race
    • Strength – 8
    • Dexterity – 16
    • Constitution – 14
    • Intelligence – 8
    • Wisdom – 10
    • Charisma – 17

    Note that your Intelligence will always be 17 using the helm piece mentioned earlier. As such, there are no suitable replacements for it to make this build work. It is a requirement.

    Best Multiclass for Necrolock in Baldur’s Gate 3

    For this build, you’ll want to go the Necromancy (9) subclass for Wizard, The Fiend (2) subclass for Warlock, and Storm Sorcery (1) for Sorcerer. The goal is to be able to upcast the most powerful version of the Animated Dead spell, which allows you to call upon Ghouls and Flying Ghouls. With these by your side, you’ll be primarily using Eldritch Blast for your personal DPS, as it gets its full scaling benefits due to your combined spellcaster levels. Storm Sorcery is specifically for Tempestuous Magic, a very useful tool for repositioning and mobility as needed. It allows you to Fly as a Bonus Action if you cast a Level One spell or higher.

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    Best Necrolock Features, Feats, and Spells – Baldur’s Gate 3

    Level Class Class Features/Spells
    Level 1 Warlock (The Fiend) Eldritch Blast, Blade Ward
    Command, Hex
    Level 2 Warlock Hellish Rebuke
    Agonising Blast, Fiendish Vigour
    Level 3 Wizard Firebolt, Mage Hand, Ray of Frost
    Mage Armor, Shield, Grease, Enhance Leap, Magic Missle, Sleep
    Level 4 Wizard (Necromancy) Longstrider, Fog Cloud
    Level 5 Wizard Hold Person, Invisibility
    Level 6 Wizard Bone Chill
    Mirror Image, Blur
    Dual Wielder
    Level 7 Wizard Fireball, Haste
    Level 8 Wizard Undead Thralls: Additional Undead
    Undead Thralls: Better Summons
    Undead Thralls: Animated Dead
    Counterspell, Glyph of Warding
    Level 9 Sorcerer (Stormy Sorcery) Minor Illusion, True Strike, Shocking Grasp, Light
    Shield, Chromatic Orb
    Tempestuous Magic
    Level 10 Wizard Gaseous Form, Slow
    Level 11 Wizard Fire Shield, Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere
    Alert, Warcaster, or Ability Improvement: Charisma
    Level 12 Wizard Summon Elemental, Blight

    Note that as a Wizard, you can learn every spell within the Wizard spell list except for Level 6 spells from scrolls with this build. Additionally, if you would prefer another level in Wizard, then feel free to drop the level in Storm Sorcery as its main purpose is to boost mobility. The build functions almost identically regardless. The Fiendish Vigour Warlock Invocation allows you to cast False Life which is a free method to meet the requirements for Tempestuous Magic; It is useful for repositioning at will, even outside of combat.

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    Best Items and Gear for Necrolock in Baldur’s Gate 3

    Due to the unusual nature of this multi-class, it needs gear to function at its most potent:

    • Head – Warped Headband of Intellect
    • Back – Cloak of Displacement
    • Chest – Potent Robe
    • Gloves – Spellmight Gloves
    • Feet – Bonespike Boots
    • Neck – Spellcrux Amulet
    • Ring 1 – Crypt Lord Ring
    • Ring 2 – Risky Ring
    • Main-hand – The Spellsparkler
    • Off-hand – Staff of Cherished Necromancy

    The combination of Potent Robe, Spellmight Gloves, The Spellsparkler, and the Risky Ring turns Eldritch Blast into a viable, free single-target spell that deals fantastic damage per turn. Each separate beam of Eldritch Blast gains benefits from this combo of items.

    The Spellcrux Amulet combined with the Crypt Lord Ring and the Staff of Cherished Necromancy allows you to summon your minions practically anytime your heart desires. The Staff of Cherished Necromancy allows you to gain Life Essence from anything that has a health bar. Naturally, that includes inanimate objects such as doors, crates, boxes, etc. This is amazing for building up Life Essence stacks after a Long Rest, as it allows you to cast all Necromancy Spells at no Spellslot cost.

    Find this build fun and looking for more to sink your teeth into for Baldur’s Gate? Check out our Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart Build Guide – Best Stats and Spells right here on MyFullGames.



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