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    Merusea Village is a town hidden underneath Fontaine’s Beryl Region. It consists of three areas: “A Very Warm Place,” “A Lonely Place,” and Merusea Village itself. This fantastical place is home to Melusines, who usually work as aquabus conductors and guards in the Court of Fontaine.

    I ran around the northeast of Elynas trying to find the tunnel leading to the underground area, only to realize that the entrance is hidden elsewhere. If you’re having the same issue, here’s the correct path toward Merusea Village.

    Where to find the entrance to Merusea Village in Fontaine – Genshin Impact

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    Head to the small lake south of Elynas, pictured above. While it’s a small body of water, it’s deep enough to dive inside. Jump into the water and start diving, as the entrance to Merusea Village is underwater.

    Once underwater, swim along the path forward. You’ll eventually reach a dead end. When that happens, look up and ascend to the surface, then swim toward land.

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    You’ll find a large tunnel that leads further downward. Carefully glide down and enter the opening on the right, where the arrow is pointing above. This will take you to “A Very Warm Place.”

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    Once inside the bright cave, keep following the path forward until you see the Teleport Waypoint. I recommend that you unlock it now for easy access later. When done, follow the narrow path to the right of the Waypoint. From this point onward, you just have to keep following the path forward.

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    When the road forks into two, enter the left tunnel, where you’ll find a little Melusine. From there, keep going forward and you’ll find yourself in Merusea Village.

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