FFXIV has some cash shop favorites on sale to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary



    We’re deep into the 10th anniversary celebrations for the release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and as part of the festivities Square Enix is once again slashing prices in its cash shop, Mog Station. But more than that, some previously unavailable items are being added to the store, as per a post made on the game’s X account on August 17.

    Many of these new items were previously part of past events, including the Paintings and the Clockwork Solus minion. However, Magitek Attire and Emote: Magic Trick are brand new.

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    In terms of discounts, The Fat Cat Attire, Street Attire, Loyal Housemaid’s Uniform, and a host of other favorites are on sale. Additionally, almost all of the Scion’s outfits, dozens of mounts, and a plethora of story skips, and emotes, are also being put on sale. Overall, there’s close to 60 items on sale, so it’s no small portion of the total amount.

    Final Fantasy XIV’s 10th Anniversary celebrations have been ongoing for over a month now, and during that time we’ve seen a new expansion announced, several in-game events including The Moonfire Faire, and upcoming Rising event, and some previous sales. It’s a nice way to give back to the community for over a decade of support on Square Enix’s most successful MMO.

    Head over the Mog Station to grab the deals yourself, and stay with MyFullGames for more FFXIV content including How to play FFXIV Xbox Open Beta!



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