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    All companions in Starfield have something to offer in their travels with you. Whether they are good at a particular skill, provide feedback during dialogues, or even fight beside you during your battles. You get to choose what weapon they use, but to play toward their strengths and give yourself the proper support, you’re going to want to handpick the best-fit weapons for them. Keep reading below for what we believe are the best weapons to give your companions!

    What weapons should you give your companions in Starfield?

    Each companion should already have a weapon in their inventory when you invite them to travel with you, but it wouldn’t hurt to give them better-upgraded weapons as you find them so they can provide better support for you during battle. While it’s totally up to you on what weapon you want them to wield, there are some weapon types that work better for each companion.

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    Determining what weapon you should give a companion should first and foremost be determined by what that individual companion’s skills are. You can find their skills by heading to the Crew Roster menu or occasionally when it pops up on the screen when you want to hire them. You’ll want to pay close attention to what weapon skills they already have and give them a weapon that matches that skill. For example, Sam has a Rifle Certification skill, meaning he will perform the best using rifles in battle.

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    Not every companion has a skill geared toward combat, which leaves the choice up to you on what you want to give them. In most cases, I have found that the best weapons to give to your companions are those with a faster fire rate, more range, and decent accuracy (because they are bound to most 70% of their shots). Although the rarity doesn’t matter much, it does help to give them more powerful weapons, especially if you have no use for them.

    I would suggest giving them any of the following weapons for the best results in battles: rifles, lasers, snipers, and grenade launchers.

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    How to equip weapons on companions in Starfield

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    To equip your companion with the weapon you want them to use, talk to them and select the ‘Let’s trade gear‘ option. Switch to your inventory and then press Trade on the item you want to give them. Once they have it, switch back to their personal inventory and press the Equip button on the weapon you want them to use. For guns, you’ll need to give them at least one bullet of the matching ammo for them to use. Don’t worry about giving them too much because they can still use them without a specific amount. You should then be able to see them using that weapon in your next battles.

    The better weapons your companions have, the better they will perform in battle, potentially wiping out all the enemies for you so you don’t even have to break a sweat. Always be sure to check what their skills are and play toward those as much as possible. Alternatively, use your discretion to find the weapons that work best for your experience.

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