Can you reset skillpoints in Starfield?



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    Starfield is such an expansive game that it can be difficult to know exactly where you want to put your skill points. Between the game’s five skill trees, it’s really no surprise. If you’re me, then you probably spread yourself a bit too thin and are wondering if respecting is a thing. I can tell you now, the answer is not so clean-cut. If you’re interested in respecing, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how you can reset your skill points.

    Can you respec in Starfield?

    From a legitimate gameplay perspective, you cannot respec in Starfield. The game is set up so that you can earn all of the skills in the game with enough experience. There is no known level cap, meaning that as long as you continue playing, you’ll be able to get the skills you want. I’m aware this isn’t always desirable though. After all, there are a significant amount of important mechanics locked behind some skills, and you probably weren’t aware of that going in. Sadly, it is too late to make a change once you’ve locked skills in. ,

    If you’re willing to beyond the normal game to change your skills, then you do have an option. For those of you who desire to get the skill you want at all costs, you can utilize a console command to add perks at your leisure:

    If you hit the tilde key on your keyboard, you can access the in-game console. Input the above command and replace Perk ID with the actual ID for the perk you desire. For your reference, here are all the perk IDs for all the Skills in Starfield:

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    All Skill IDs in Starfield


    Skill ID
    Boxing 002C59DF
    Fitness 002CE2DD
    Stealth 002CFCB2
    Weight Lifting 002C59D9
    Wellness 002CE2E1
    Energy Weapon Dissipation 002C59E2
    Environmental Conditioning 0028AE17
    Gymnastics 0028AE29
    Nutrition 002CFCAD
    Pain Tolerance 002CFCAE
    Cellular Regeneration 0028AE14
    Decontamination 002CE2A0
    Martial Arts 002C555E
    Concealment 002C555E
    Neurostrikes 002C53B4
    Rejuvenation 0028AE13


    Skill ID
    Commerce 002C5A8E
    Gastronomy 002C5A94
    Persuasion 0022EC82
    Scavenging 0028B853
    Theft 002C555B
    Deception 002CFCAF
    Diplomacy 002C59E1
    Intimidation 002C59DE
    Isolation 002C53AE
    Negotiation 002C555F
    Instigation 002C555D
    Leadership 002C890D
    Outpost Management 0023826F
    Manipulation 002C5555
    Ship Command 002C53B3
    Xenosociology 002C53B0


    Skill ID
    Ballistics 002CFCAB
    Dueling 002CFCB0
    Lasers 002C59DD
    Pistol Certification 002080FF
    Shotgun Certification 0027DF97
    Demolitions 002C5556
    Heavy Weapons Certification 00147E38
    Incapacitation 0027DF96
    Particle Beams 0027BAFD
    Rifle Certification 002CE2E0
    Marksmanship 002C890B
    Rapid Reloading 002C555A
    Sniper Certification 002C53B1
    Targeting 0027DF94
    Armor Penetration 0027DF94
    Crippling 0027CBBA
    Sharpshooting 002C53AF


    Skill ID
    Astrodynamics 002C5560
    Geology 002CE29F
    Medicine 002CE2DF
    Research Methods 002C555C
    Surveying 0027CBC1
    Botany 002C5557
    Scanning 002CFCB1
    Spacesuit Design 0027CBC3
    Weapon Engineering 002C890C
    Zoology 002C5552
    Astrophysics 0027CBBB
    Chemistry 002CE2C0
    Outpost Engineering 002C59E0
    Aneutronic Fusion 002C2C5A
    Planetary Habitation 0027CBC2
    Special Projects 0004CE2D


    Skill ID
    Ballistic Weapon Systems 002CE2C2
    Boost Pack Training 00146C2C
    Piloting 002CFCAC
    Security 002CE2E2
    Targeting Control Systems 002C59DB
    Energy Weapon Systems 002C59DB
    Engine Systems 002CE2DE
    Payloads 00143B6B
    Shield Systems 002C2C59
    Missile Weapon Systems 002C5558
    Particle Beam Weapon Systems 002C2C5B
    Robotics 002C5553
    Starship Design 002C59DC
    Starship Engineering 002AC953
    Automated Weapon Systems 0027B9ED
    Boost Assault Training 0008C3EE
    EM Weapon Systems 002C53B2

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