Best starting game stat for leveling up in Lords of the Fallen


    No matter what type of build you decide to use in Lords of the Fallen, there is one stat that is always important to add points to. Early in the game, this stat easily provides the most value, and if you ignore it, you’ll be in a world of pain later on. Curious what statistic I’m talking about? Dark Souls players know this well, but if you’re new to Souls-type games, I’ve got the information you need.

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    Strongest early game stat in Lords of the Fallen

    The most important stat in Lords of the Fallen, especially at the beginning of the game, it is Vitality. Each point of Vitality provides a significant boost to your maximum health pool, thus increasing your overall survivability. Vitality is important no matter what type of setup you decide to run. Having more health is always a blessing and even later in the game it is still just as valuable. Seriously, I don’t recommend neglecting it, as even a few extra points can make the difference between successfully killing a boss and yet another death.

    No other stat in the game offers this much benefit, so be sure to spend your points wisely. The early game is the best time to invest in Vitality, as leveling up requires low amounts of Vigor. Otherwise, you’ll probably have to take out mobs, and no one likes to do that.

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