Lords of the Fallen: all stats explained


    Lords of the Fallen’s challenging combat leaves little room for error, so your constitution is very important. An important aspect is your character’s statistics; I prefer to play with fast and agile characters and choose the Mournstead Infantry class, but all statistics have their importance and effect. You can find out what the six Lords of the Fallen stats do below.

    What do all the stats do in Lords of the Fallen?

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    • Strength
      • Slightly increases the damage of heavy weapons and allows you to use heavier weapons. Increases defensive stats.
    • Agility
      • Slightly increases the damage of delicate weapons and allows you to use delicate weapons.
    • Endurance
      • Affects total stamina and regeneration and encumbrance through weight limit.
    • Vitality
    • Radiance
      • Increases mana and allows you to cast radiant spells and use radiant catalysts.
    • Hell
      • Allows you to cast Rhogar spells and use Rhogar catalysts.

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    Best stats to increase in Lords of the Fallen

    My two most recommended stats to increase in Lords of the Fallen are Vitality and Endurance. Vitality increases your health pool, which becomes incredibly important later on, once you take more Wither damage. Stamina is equally important, as it increases your maximum stamina, its regeneration rate, and your weight limit. These two stats should be your priority when leveling up.

    After that, you can choose between Strength, Agility, Radianceand Hell based on your build. Strength is good for those who prefer heavy weapons, while agility is good for fast fighters who fight with lighter weaponry. Radiance provides radiant magic, which is good for healing, buffing, and combating Rhogar’s magic. Inferno gives you access to powerful Rhogar magic, fire-based magic, which is highly destructive.

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